'Jagan did not say that he will kill Naidu': Roja defends party chief's statement

YSRCP MLA Roja said Jagan meant that Naidu had to be accountable to the public.
'Jagan did not say that he will kill Naidu': Roja defends party chief's statement
'Jagan did not say that he will kill Naidu': Roja defends party chief's statement
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Facing flak for their party chief Jaganmohan Reddy’s comment that "A person like (Andhra Chief Minister) Chandrababu Naidu should be shot in public," the YSRCP went on the defensive on Friday.

Addressing a massive crowd at Nandyal town on Thursday, YSRCP Chief YS Jaganmohan Reddy launched a scathing attack on the ruling TDP government and Naidu. 

As the atmosphere continued to get emotionally charged, Jagan said, "A person like Chandrababu Naidu should be shot in public for his double speak and unending deeds of corruption.”

However, the comment did not sit well with leaders of the TDP who lashed out against Jagan

YSRCP MLA Roja addressed reporters on Thursday defending Jagan's statement, and saying that it was 'another way', to say that Naidu had to be accountable to the public. 

"The TDP has ignored all the other things that he (Jagan) said and is continuously pointing fingers only at that one statement. He said that people (like Naidu) who played with people's lives and destroyed the state, should be shot on the road. However, he did not say that he himself will shoot or kill Naidu," Roja told TV9.

"Will Chandrababu Naidu put a case on Ram, for killing Raavan?" she asked.

Roja also lashed out against the TDP and Naidu, highlighting various incidents that occurred during the tenure of the present government.

Addressing Naidu, Roja also said, "You are taking the state backward, not forward. When the people of Nandyal came to listen you, you threatened them not to walk on your roads, unless they vote for you. So, I am asking you, who is the real rowdy here?"

"You are scared that Nandyal people will not vote for you after you saw the crowd at Jagan's rally. That is why your party members are trying to divert the issue," she added

Mentioning Naidu's controversial statement earlier, that citizens who did not vote for him still used roads laid by him, Jagan had said, "I am challenging Chandrababu Naidu. We will stand on the same road and protest against you. The roads are not yours, and belong to the citizens of Nandyal."

The issue is especially heated, as it comes in the backdrop of the Nandyal bye-election in the state, to be held on August 23.

On Wednesday, addressing a massive crowd in Nandyal town, Jagan said, "Naidu and his son are making false promises and issuing Government Orders for development works in Nandyal because they are scared of the YSRCP. Tell me, if we were not in the competition, would he (Naidu) have bothered to give a rupee to Nandyal?"

Responding to Jagan's statement that Naidu should be shot, TDP Kurnool District President Somisetty Venkateswarlu told TNM, "If he has stooped to that level, it is because the YSRCP knows that they are going to lose in Nandyal. They are insecure. Is this the way that a leader who runs a party, should speak? Is this the way anyone should speak about the Chief Minister of a state?"

Nandyal, a constituency in the state's Rayalaseema area, has been witnessing a political void ever since the death of its sitting MLA Bhuma Nagi Reddy from a heart attack on March 12.

While the ruling TDP has named Bhuma Brahmananda Reddy as its candidate, the YSRCP has named Silpa Mohan Reddy as its nominee. 

The last date of nomination is August 5, scrutiny of nomination will be done on August 7 and last date of withdrawal of candidates is August 9.

The counting of votes will be held on August 28.


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