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How a filmmaker's comment on the humble upma became a national controversy

Director Parthiban’s comments on upma were clearly about hunger, but he inadvertently sparked a most inane controversy.

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From Borderwalla Sunny to PM Modi, everyone’s in on the meme wars before India-Pak final at Oval

The Champions Trophy has roused all kinds of historical déjà vu, thanks to the semi-finals that also featured England and Bangladesh.

What happens when you translate popular English songs to Croatian and back? Watch

Jimmy Fallon and Miley Cyrus sang these rather bizarre renditions of songs like 'Shape of You' and 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough'.

Thalaivi Wonder Woman: Check out the Tamil boys willing to sell their wealth for Gal Gadot

They swear that she's better than even Batman or Superman!

Questioned for signing up comedian Aditi Mittal, Netflix gives it back to haters in style

Netflix's move comes after Amazon India signed up 14 comedians, all of them male, for their stand-up specials.

Did daddy get you an Audi? Chennai Traffic Police’s stylish gaana song for you boys

The catchy song gives us a ringside view of the numerous ways in which people break traffic rules.

Tribute to Biryani: A Bengaluru comedian’s brilliant parody of ‘Shape of You’’

"Veg biryani’s not biryani," croons Ahmed Shariff.