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Ivanka Trump may get back pain: Indian astrologer makes 'earth-shattering' predictions

Venu Swamy, an astrologer, has made several predictions about Ivanka, none of which surprised us.

Got the forward about 'secret tunnel', treasure in Sasikala’s house? It's fake

The posts claim that a significant amount of cash and gold was recovered from the properties of jailed AIADMK leader VK Sasikala.

Do all brown guys look the same? BBC shows Amitabh, Rishi instead of Shashi Kapoor

Indians were quite upset with the mix up. Many slammed BBC and even asked them to hire proper researchers.

South cinema rules Twitter in 2017, with ‘Mersal’, ‘Baahubali 2’ and Suriya’s ‘TSK’

With 1.7 million tweets in three days, #Mersal was the top hashtag trend in 2017.

Why not 'Roar'? Petition asks Whisper sanitary napkin brand to change its name

Though Whisper has tried to break the taboo around menstruation in its advertising, the brand name is regressive, says this petition.

Biryani Yoga: This spoof on Beer Yoga will leave you in splits

"It's all about taking in the aroma and letting it out, letting it soak into your body."

'Getting condolence calls': When a tweet named Shashi Tharoor instead of Kapoor

The news channel deleted the tweet subsequently and wished the Congress MP good health.

'Yes, I am a Khan': Actor-politician Khushbu slays trolls calling her by Muslim name

After 'Joseph' Vijay, it's Khushbu's turn as trolls target her for her Muslim birth name Nakhat Khan.

The Stand Up Project: This ‘Jana Gana Mana’ rendition will give you goosebumps

Do you need to stand up to stand up for your nation? This video asks an important question.

Rationalist 'tests' pranic healer on Telugu TV debate, video goes viral

The rationalist made the healer 'heal' himself on live TV.