Pharmacies in Telangana to shut down on May 30 to protest govt’s e-portal proposal

One of the reasons the association alleged is that this might lead to unregulated sale of addictive drugs.

Telangana’s formation has not led to any rise in Maoist activity, credit to police: CM KCR

The CM praised police for proving those wrong who feared that these problems would rise once Telangana state comes into being.

Digitisation fail: Hyderabad customers have to pay extra for digital transactions

Several Hyderabad shops are charging Rs 2 to Rs 5 for card and Paytm payments.

Video of Telangana woman who killed herself surfaces, blames in-laws for asking dowry

Twist in inter-caste couple case, dead Telangana woman's 'confession' blames in-laws.

Hyderabad techie accuses husband of recording her with secret cameras, files police complaint

The woman claimed that her husband was trying to extort money from her, and threatened to release the videos online.

University of Hyderabad chops several trees on campus for new road, activists cry foul

Activists say that the deforestation is threatening wildlife on the campus.

His son missing, daughter-in-law-dead, this Telangana father asks HC for justice

A young couple from different castes in love, first the husband disappears, then the wife is found dead.

Voices against closing arterial Secunderabad Road grow louder, even as govt remains mum

The Gough Road, used by roughly 1 lakh residents everyday, is to be closed from June 1.

On 10th anniversary of Mecca Masjid blast, Hyderabad police step up security

On May 18, 2007, members belonging to Hindu militant outfit Abhinav Bharat allegedly placed two bombs in Mecca Masjid.

Telangana govt postpones World Telugu Conference to October

Officials said they require some time to invite delegates from India and abroad.