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Book Excerpt May 25, 2023 - 14:22

The unapologetic combativeness of 1829 Sati regulation

The following is an excerpt from Manoj Mitta’s ‘Caste Pride: Battles for Equality in Hindu India’, published by Westland Books.
Collage of book cover of Caste Pride: Battles for Equality in Hindu India and author Manoj Mitta
Ambedkar (centre, crossed leg) with members of the Samaj Samata Sangh, founded with his Savarna associates in September 1927. In this photograph of 9 June 1929, sitting left to right are M.B. Deshmukh, Bhalchandra V. Pradhan, Devrao V. Naik, A.S. Asaikar, M.G. Pradhan, Ambedkar, D.V. Pradhan, S.S. Gupte and G.R. Pradhan. Standing: G.A. Jadhav, R.D. Kawali, N.V. Khandke, P.K. Kangle, Bhaskarrao Kadrekar and V.A. Kadam.
Dalit History Month Apr 30, 2023 - 13:14

Ambedkar, Non-Brahmins, and the Samaj Samata Sangh