In depth reportage

Decolonising mental health: How overmedication is destroying the minds of India’s mentally ill

India’s mental health diseases burden is high, but is that the only aspect of our mental health challenge that should worry us?

Fear, depression and abuse: A look at the ignored mental health of adolescents in forced labour

Spending long working hours, verbal and physical abuse initiates higher risk of developing mental health problems among adolescents.

Saving India's child brides: Why focusing on prevention can't break the cycle of abuse

The reaction towards the attempt to annul child marriages is unabashedly patriarchal, but both the government and NGOs need to start changing that.

Adolescent mental health and caregiving: Are Indian parents informed and sensitive?

Caregivers who want their children to have a full life, despite disabilities or mental illnesses, are rare.

The traditional, ritualistic side of Nila: A journey through its art forms

The art that Nila inspired: A look at traditional dance and drama forms of Bharathapuzha

In a drought-hit country, sacred groves are crucial for climate resilience

Sacred groves are forest patches that communities have conserved because of their belief in a divine presence residing in them.

In an AP Minister’s constituency, stone quarrying has allegedly killed at least 100 people

Residents of Nemakallu say that contractors are not following rules, and are bribing politicians.

When doctors turn gatekeepers: Indian transgender community’s battle for mental health

Trans people are prone to mental health problems due to social stigma and the biological upheaval during medical gender affirmation process – and they suffer further when mental health professionals fail them.

The art that Nila inspires: Clay to grass, artisans on the river’s banks swear by her bounty

For the potters and the grass mat makers, the brass metal workers to the mirror moulders, several thousands will lose their livelihood if the Nila died.

Watch: The amazing story of Kunjappan, a river-warrior fighting to save the Periyar

Kunjappan has fought tirelessly for over four decades to force the over 200 industries along the Periyar to stop polluting the river.