In depth reportage

Stained teeth and broken dreams: Inside Tamil Nadu’s forgotten fluoride hotspots

The TN government thinks it has solved the problem with water supply schemes, but that is far from the ground reality.

Jewels of the sea: Machilipatnam locals find livelihood in jellyfish during fishing ban

Jellyfish breed around the time of the fishing ban and mass reproduction makes them an abundant resource for the locals of Machilipatnam.

As fake Kalamkari takes over the market, the original struggles in Andhra’s Pedana

The popularity of Kalamkari grew, and Pedana residents wanted a faster way to make and sell Kalamkari fabric. And that gave rise to screen-printed Kalamkari.

From a cosmopolitan city to a dead dock: The attempt to revive Machilipatnam port

The fishermen may face a loss of livelihood if a deep sea port comes up. But many locals are far from averse to the proposed idea – and some are even looking forward to it.

Madurai’s urban poor are not happy with govt’s attempt to ‘beautify’ the city

Gomaspalayam is located in the heart of Madurai city, and has the main bus terminus and several markets around it. The slum is surrounded by buildings, offices, and shopping malls.

Failed borewells and farmer suicides: The human cost of Anantapur’s agrarian crisis

Water is a resource that will never run out, they say; but its scarcity has been the undoing of many families in Kadiri, a town in Andhra Pradesh’s Anantapur district.

Trafficked, enslaved, exploited: The fallout of Anantapur’s agrarian crisis

With lack of alternative livelihoods and traffickers preying on vulnerable women and youngsters, the agrarian crisis has Anantapur residents fighting an uphill battle.

TN will see 8 more greenfield projects, not just Salem-Chennai Highway

“Acquiring lands from farmers is far cheaper than acquiring land along developed roads as they are likely to be more developed,” said a project manager to TNM.

Children with disabilities remain excluded from mainstream schools, here’s why

In Karnataka, as in the rest of India, children with disabilities either don’t get admitted to schools, or drop out quickly.

When Children become collateral for parents enslaved in bonded labour: A documentary

For bonded labours across Tamil Nadu, freedom comes at a price - their children.