In depth reportage

Exploited or foolish: How Adivasis are represented in Malayalam cinema

From depicting Adivasis as foolish to viewing them only as objects to be exploited, Malayalam cinema has a long history of misrepresenting the community.

Ground report: Are mining companies in AP’s tribal region ruining Kalyanapulova dam?

Adivasis allege that other than the noise disturbance and pollution, the mining companies deprive them of one crucial resource – water.

K’taka amends Land Acquisition Act to speed up projects, activists call it ‘dangerous’

Revenue Minister RV Deshpande defended the amendment stating that it did not dilute the central Act, and it was done to speed up projects.

Why is Hyderabad police not cracking down on trafficking agents in the city?

Why is it that even when victims or their families give details of their offending agents, they walk free, and continue their trafficking racket with impunity?

How economic and environmental concerns are stalling mega power projects in TN

Across the country, 16 UMPPs were planned. Of this, only two were actually built and both are stranded assets.

Watch: These are the laws in India against domestic violence

Domestic violence is a social evil prevalent all around us. It is high time that we stop ignoring it and start equipping ourselves to deal with it.

Watch: What are MPLADS funds, and why you should care

MPLADS gives Rs 5 crore to each MP in India that they can use in their constituency to fulfil the needs of the people who live there.

Watch: What you need to know about contracting HIV through blood transfusions

TNM explores what is HIV, what you should know about it and how to prevent its spread.

Araku’s coffee is world-famous, but why are its farmers still struggling?

While coffee grown in Araku is sold at premium prices, farmers growing it don’t even get Rs 100 a kilo for the same coffee fruit.

Watch: For these Andhra coffee farmers, fair prices and profits are far from reality

Araku coffee is famous across the world for its taste, flavour and aroma but for the farmers who grow it, this global recognition means absolutely nothing.