In depth reportage

India’s recycling industry is collapsing, ignoring it will land us in an urban nightmare

The already recession-hit industry has received a huge blow from rupee demonetisation and GST rollout, and if we don't implement the right policies, it will worsen our plastics problem.

The stories that don’t make headlines: Aftermath of child sexual abuse and how families cope

After the spotlight is turned off and the media moves on to the next outrage cycle, what happens to survivors and families of child sexual abuse?

Child brides of Malappuram: Why Kerala's most populous district marries off its girls so young

Patriarchy, poverty, and lack of education and awareness combine to sustain the practice despite the best efforts of the government.

Watch: When a 14-year-old intellectually disabled sexual assault survivor was put on trial

Despite her mental condition, when Tarini was cross-examined in court, she was asked very technical questions about the assault.

Trafficking On-Demand: How the smartphone has modernised India's human smuggling

But the same smartphones could also hold the solutions to control the crime.

'They said my 7-yr-old was sexually active': What survivors of child sexual abuse face in courts

Insensitive interrogation, refusal of courts to follow rules, and overworked judges are failing child sexual abuse survivors.

Empowering India’s sex workers: How decriminalising the trade could protect those forced into it

The idea may seem counter-intuitive at first glance, but many sex worker led organisations are putting it to practice on the ground, say activists.

Trafficking is not just for sex work: A hard look at India’s forced labour problem

There are many myths about trafficking, and one of them is that women and girls are mainly trafficked for sex. The truth though is more banal and sinister.

The News Minute Series on Mental Health: Why individual empowerment is key

Towards better social policy.

How patriarchy and gender roles contribute to mental health issues in Indian women

Male-centrism has dominated the foundations of healthcare and psychology,