In depth reportage

TNM investigation: How a natural disaster is triggering fears of human trafficking

The cyclone that ravaged 11 districts in Tamil Nadu in November 2018 left 3.7 lakh people homeless and destroyed 3.4 lakh houses.

Ground check: How Kuttanad is rebuilding itself after the Kerala floods

TNM looked into the relief and rebuilding efforts in Kuttanad five months after the Kerala floods.

The period taboos of Tamil Nadu and why they aren’t going away anytime soon

Despite attempts by women and activists to dispel the so-called taboos, they are repeatedly ignored, and the perception around “impurity” and menstruation has persisted.

Watch: How sand mining in Kerala is wiping out acres of land in this seaside village

The locals of Alappad village, near which mineral sand mining is happening, have started a Save Alappad campaign to end mining in the region.

The 'item' song in Tamil cinema: Who started it and is it on its way out?

TNM spoke to actor Disco Shanti, film critics, and industry insiders to analyse how the "item" song has changed with the times and why its expiry date may soon be here.

In a pickle: The rise and decline of Karnataka’s massive global gherkin industry

In the early 2000s, gherkin cultivation was at its peak and the fruit was exported to countries around the world. But with consecutive crop failure and lack of support, farmers are now turning their backs on the once-golden fruit.

How agents trafficking women in Hyderabad continue to function with impunity

Activists working on the ground say that a case is generally registered under Section 420 (Cheating) of the IPC but the agents are let off on bail very easily.

Weeks after Cyclone Gaja, threat of human trafficking looms over TN's delta districts

"When a disaster first strikes, people send food, water and other necessities to the affected. It is when this stops that the trafficking aspect comes into play," says a social worker.

How patriarchy forces boys who survive sexual abuse into years of trauma, silence

TNM spoke to survivors and experts to understand what happens when a boy is sexually abused and how it impacts his sexuality and mental well-being.

Towards an uncertain future: Why farmers are unhappy with Karnataka’s big bet on solar

Farmers say that the money they make by leasing their land to the solar park in Pavagada is not too less, but they are worried about the future, as is the government about the solar power plants.