In depth reportage

Against all odds: How anganwadis take care of India’s children

Three TNM reporters spent a day each at an anganwadi in different states of south India to see what kind of care children at the anganwadis get.

At the mercy of ‘fingerprint gods’: How rural Karnataka struggles for food due to Aadhaar

With their ration linked to Aadhaar, residents say they’ve had to forego their monthly staples – the fingerprints don’t match or there isn’t enough connectivity to process their biometrics.

Adopting a child with special needs: How the child protection system fails them

While there are a few special homes that cater to children with specific severe disabilities, many disabled children are sent to regular CCIs that may not be able to give them the right medical care.

Adopting a child with special needs: How a change in attitude can transform lives

If they are not adopted, children with special needs miss out on medical care and nurturing from parents.

How the mango belt of TN is being lost to the proposed Salem-Chennai super highway

At a cost of Rs 10,000 crore, the corridor will shorten the travel distance between Salem and Chennai by merely 60 kms.

How people in Chellakere have lost their livelihood to India’s ‘secret nuclear city’

Since 2009, various levels of the government have managed to discreetly divert close to 10,000 acres of lands in Challakere.

Pushing the hills off the cliff: Why mass tourism is not good for the Nilgiris

The hill district is increasingly dependent on tourism for economic sustenance, but reckless tourists can spell doom for its ecology.

Missing children of Kerala: Busting myths and rumours

Does the fear of a child trafficking mafia in Kerala have any basis?

Anatomy of a forgotten rape: A year since Nandhini was killed, justice remains elusive

Nandhini was manipulated, gang raped, brutally killed, and dumped. Her case is rotting at the altars of the justice system.

Doomed in the desert: How Indian women become modern day slaves in the Gulf

Hundreds of domestic workers are stuck in Gulf countries, forced to work for little or no money, their freedom restricted.