In depth reportage

‘Not given masks or boots’: Brother of manual scavenging worker who died in Chennai mall

For a wage of Rs 600, the contractor brought the men to Express Avenue mall. He made them pose in safety gear for a picture and then asked them to remove it before getting into the septic tank.

Joginis: The religious sex slaves of Telangana

Under the veil of religious faith, girls and women from Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes continue to be sexually abused by upper caste men.

Rape, death and injustice: How the Walayar sisters’ cases were botched up

The parents and even the forensic doctor who did the post mortem said that the elder sister could have been sexually assaulted, but the police didn’t manage to pursue the sexual assault angle or prove it.

Support the survivor: How to be an ally when someone has been sexually harassed

What does it mean to be a good ally to the MeToo movement and how can we all be one?

Body dysmorphic disorder, explained: Why your body image issues may be far more serious

The idea that there exists a ‘perfect’ body has led to many in India to live with body image issues, which may lead to something more serious — body dysmorphic disorder.

TNM Fact Check: The pictures of 'new' Rs 1000 notes are fake

Several posts on social media warned people to return their 2000-rupee notes to the banks, stating that the RBI was planning to withdraw them.

Easy access to credit can put you in a debt trap: How to avoid falling into one

Short-term instant loans often come with high interest rates and can go up to as high as 20% on some platforms.

When Dalits in Kerala are forced to bury their dead under the kitchen

It has been a problem for years and continue to remain so, with Dalit colonies allotted minimal lands and panchayats devoid of public graveyards.

Ignoring stack of evidence, how Andhra cops killed probe in a 15-yr-old’s rape case

A 5-member committee under the Collector clearly pointed to sexual assault and murder – and yet, the police chose to drop those charges, and instead called it abetment to suicide.

Desperation and discontent are brewing in Hyderabad’s labour addas

Thousands of construction workers wait in Hyderabad’s labour addas for work, often for hours together without shelter, basic facilities, or the promise of a day’s wages.