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Finance for Women

Women and the Budget: What you need to watch out for on February 1

The Budget, which primarily deals with direct and indirect taxes, is certainly for women and it is most certainly not complicated.

The basics of gold loans: Rupee Rani tells you why they’re a blessing in emergencies

The loan amount that the bank will be ready to give will usually be around 60-80% of the gold that you have on hand.

Keeping your money safe in times of Aadhaar leaks and online hacks

Transacting online today is so easy, but it is precisely this ease that makes it possible for scam artists to take away money that rightfully belongs to us.

Knowledge Is Money: How you can stop your bank from ripping you off

SBI made more than Rs. 1700 crore in just minimum balance penalties, in 9 months. That's your money.

Five financial resolutions for 2018: Ladies, Rupee Rani has you covered

Resolution 3: I will save before I spend.

Day trading is a fantastic way for women to make money: Rupee Rani tells you how

All you need is a functioning internet connection, a trustworthy broker on the phone and some attention.

In 3 simple steps, Rupee Rani tells you how to get started with the stock market

The first thing you need is a demat account.

Don't understand the stock market? Rupee Rani's super simple guide

The Stock Market is a fantastic way for women to earn money. In order to really succeed, you will need an understanding of how the market works.

Afraid of depositing cash gifts in your bank account? Don’t be, says Rupee Rani

The usual question that pops up is, ‘Will I have to pay tax on it?’ Well, you don’t. Here’s how the Income Tax Act sees cash gifts.

Divorced Mom? Rupee Rani tells you how you can save for your child’s future

Don’t let anyone bully you into believing that focusing on money or finances makes you a heartless person.