Rupee Rani

Finance for Women

Rupee Rani: Chit funds no longer make sense for women, start a Recurring Deposit instead

Recurring Deposits are risk-free and offer excellent returns in the short term.

Rupee Rani: Insurance is a safety net that women need to pay attention to

Insurance provides a cushion when you are faced with emergencies.

Rupee Rani: Ladies, contributing money to family is important, but never at your own cost

Women need to save more aggressively, and be taught that there is nothing shameful in spending and saving for themselves.

Registering a business, taking loans: Rupee Rani gives you the women entrepreneur starter kit

Starting your own business is not only enormously satisfying, but it also allows you to be flexible with the work load.

From studying CA to investing in the stock market: Rupee Rani answers your questions

I want to invest in the stock market but I don’t know where to begin.

Rupee Rani: Understanding Provident Fund, how it can be a working woman’s safety net

Consider your PF to be the government’s way of ensuring that salaried individuals will have financial security in their later years.

Rupee Rani's tips for smart investment: Remember there's only so much you can save on tax

Many women put in chunks of their salaries in tax savings plan and have very little money left at the end of the month.

Rupee Rani: Dear homemakers, here's why hoarding cash is a bad idea

Hoarding cash is a result of both financial dependence, and a lack of inclusion in matters of money.

Rupee Rani's tips for women on the perfect way to invest in Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are amazing, if you know where to put your money.

Mutual Funds are great for women, and they aren't as complicated as you think

Here is a simple explainer for you to get started right away.