Air pollution linked to diabetes, India at greater risk: Lancet

The overall risk of pollution-related diabetes is tilted more toward lower-income countries such as India that lack the resources for clean-air policies.

How misogyny keeps girls from getting medical attention and leads to avoidable deaths

Not just sex-selective abortions, but avoidable deaths in girls under 5 due to lack of medical attention plays a large role in skewed gender ratio.

Smartphone-based tech helps rapid detection of Zika virus

The tool could also provide home testing for couples who are trying to conceive, particularly in locations with high risk of the infection.

‘Controversial’ hormone drug Oxytocin, banned for mainstream use

Oxytocin, which is used to control bleeding after childbirth, was also found to be utilised to artificially increase milk production in cows.

Monsoons, flu, and vaccines: What you need to know to protect yourself

Flu season is here. Are you considering taking the flu vaccine? TNM spoke to doctors to bring you a better understanding of it.

Hyderabad surgeon, daughter and team perform ‘Y Graft’ on man with rare condition

The patient who required a bypass surgery was found to have a rare condition where the heart is twisted and in the center of the chest.

WHO's gaming disorder classification 'premature': BBC Report

The move risked "pathologising" a behaviour that was harmless for most people, the report said.

Wireless device to detect heart dysfunction in cancer survivors

In the study, the team tested Vivio -- a prototype handheld instrument which collects pulse waves and phonocardiogram data from the carotid artery.

Kerala at highest risk for cardiovascular diseases in India, finds a study

Adults from urban areas with higher household wealth and education were found to be at higher risk.

Destroying tumours with gold nanoparticles: The new hope in cancer treatment

The idea is to destroy the tumours with photothermia – in other words, to locally heat up tumours “decorated” with gold nanoparticles by exposing them to light.