3 nurses who had treated Nipah Virus affected patients in Kerala fall ill, one dead

As many as 20 people suspected to be infected with Nipah have been admitted to the Kozhikode Medical College, out of which the condition of 10 is said to be critical.

6 Nipah virus deaths in Kerala: Bat-infested house well of first victims sealed

A nurse who used to work at the Taluk Hospital in Perambra was cremated on Monday morning, hours after she died at 2 am.

Nipah Virus confirmed in Kerala: All about prevention, symptoms and treatment

Direct contact with infected pigs, other infected animals, or through contaminated fruits (half-eaten fruits left by fruit bats), and even direct contact with sick persons have been cited as the underlying cause of outbreaks.

Nipah Virus confirmed in Kerala, five dead and nine critical

The government has started fever clinics and are trying to identify people who may have contracted the Nipah fever.

Three die in one family in Kozhikode due to viral fever, district on high alert

A team of doctors, which visited the locality to collect samples from well water and domestic animals, asked the locals not to panic.

Redtape, lack of transparency: Why TN govt's health insurance scheme needs fixing

The spectrum of problems extends from hospitals not accepting the CMCHIS card to making patients pay or compromising on the quality of healthcare.

New blood test can detect pancreatic cancer in minutes

The test, which is at the proof-of-concept stage, can rapidly screen a drop of blood for biomarkers of pancreatic cancer.

Ibuprofen unsafe for treating simple UTIs: Study

There is increased risk of developing a serious upper urinary tract infection when Ibuprofen is used instead of antibiotics.

National Clean Air Program: Need more than just research, say experts (full text)

At least 25 public health professionals from leading institutes have written to the Environment Ministry.

Gender bias kills over 200,000 girls in India each year: Lancet

The study found that there is on an average 239,000 excess deaths each year of girls under the age of five owing to neglect due to gender discrimination.