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Are our schools prepared to tackle an asthma emergency?

This World Asthma Day, we talk about the public health threat asthma poses especially among school children, and importance of training school management and faculties in tackling any emergencies.

Gynaecologists and obstetricians lost a major SC battle: Here’s the judgement explained

The Supreme Court upheld parts of the Prohibition of Sex Selection Act, 1994, which can punish any gynaecologist or registered medical practitioner who violates the Act.

Rising temps take toll: Infants show signs of dehydration in Karnataka and Telangana

Doctors agree that fatigue and irregular eating are usually seen as initial symptoms among these infants.

Exercising may not matter if you are sitting down for more than half the day, study shows

The study was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that sitting for 13 hours a day could negate the effects of exercise.

Detection, testing, awareness: A year after Nipah, Kerala prepared to handle outbreaks

In May 2018, a Nipah virus outbreak in the state resulted in the death of 17 people.

A blessing to asthmatics, a burden to the environment

Asthma inhalers emit, per five doses, the same amount of greenhouse gases as a nine-mile journey by car.

Haemophiliacs struggle in silence in India

India is home to the second highest number of haemophilia patients in the world, but as many as eighty percent of cases may not be diagnosed.

Dentists to stand in as doctors?

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have devised a potential solution to allow dentists to practice medicine in areas where doctors are needed.

Malaria sees drastic decline in Tamil Nadu, govt hopes to eradicate disease by 2023

As of February this year, less than 100 cases of malaria have been reported in the entire state.

9 kg malignant tumour successfully removed from Bengaluru woman’s body

After the six-and-a-half hour surgery in February, the patient’s recent scans show no sign of cancer.