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Diagnosed with a rare disease as a teen, this 30-yr-old now has an awareness podcast

The podcast titled '1 in 20,000' aims to address different types of rare diseases and why they need to get more attention.

Diabetes during pregnancy: What you need to know about this common occurrence

Doctors say that some women are at more risk than others of developing gestational diabetes.

Malaria to conjunctivitis: Here are infections you should watch out for this summer

TNM reached out to doctors to speak about the health issues which are frequently seen during summer, and what steps you can take to protect yourself.

IIT Hyderabad researchers isolate chemotherapeutic enzyme from Antarctic fungi

The enzyme L asparaginase is used in the treatment of leukemia to stop cancer cells from replicating further.

Restaurants can no longer reuse cooking oils as per new food safety regulations

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has stated that from March 3, eateries will no longer be allowed to reuse cooking oil more than three times.

Eating breakfast may not help in weight loss, finds new study

The study showed that weight loss was relatively neglectable between those who ate breakfast and those who didn’t.

Hangover Guide: Why we get them and what can be done to help according to science?

Hangovers are thought to be caused by a build-up of a toxic compound called acetaldehyde in the body, producing the resulting effects.

Have a tattoo and need an MRI scan? You may get a skin burn

Some tattoos with inks containing metallic elements may get "activated" during a scan, causing the skin to burn.

Now a global health threat, the anti-vaccination movement is growing in south India

Officials say that misinformation and myths about vaccines are easily spread through social media.

This Bengaluru doctor is offering free angioplasty to poor patients till Feb 15

Kiron Varghese, who is Cardiology Head at St John's Hospital, will perform 30 angioplasty surgeries on heart patients from economically weaker sections.