In depth reportage

Ecological storehouse at risk: Why TN should reconsider Kolli Hills hydroelectric project

For a meagre 20 megawatts of power generation, the TN government is putting one of the state’s important biodiversity storehouses under threat.

Will restorative justice help Indian sexual crime survivors where legal system lacks?

While restorative justice is still in its nascent stages in India, civil society workers practising its processes assert that it will only aid the Indian legal system, not circumvent it.

The disappearing stray dogs of south India

While the fear of rabies and being bitten by stray dogs often force residents to take law into their own hands, activists say that relocating these animals pose more harm to all.

Toiling for freedom: How women-convicts struggle to rebuild their lives after incarceration

Social workers say many women offenders are actually victims all along, before the crime is committed, during the period of imprisonment, and even after release.

Watch: How years of drought has forced people of Anantapur to migrate

Anantapur residents say they are forced to abandon their professions due to lack of water and mounting debt.

Extreme mood swings, anxiety, strained relationships: What PMDD does to people

What makes awareness about PMDD or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder crucial is the serious ramifications it has on one’s mental and emotional health.

TNM investigation: How a natural disaster is triggering fears of human trafficking

The cyclone that ravaged 11 districts in Tamil Nadu in November 2018 left 3.7 lakh people homeless and destroyed 3.4 lakh houses.

Ground check: How Kuttanad is rebuilding itself after the Kerala floods

TNM looked into the relief and rebuilding efforts in Kuttanad five months after the Kerala floods.

The period taboos of Tamil Nadu and why they aren’t going away anytime soon

Despite attempts by women and activists to dispel the so-called taboos, they are repeatedly ignored, and the perception around “impurity” and menstruation has persisted.

Watch: How sand mining in Kerala is wiping out acres of land in this seaside village

The locals of Alappad village, near which mineral sand mining is happening, have started a Save Alappad campaign to end mining in the region.