In depth reportage

Shrinking terrain and shifting habitats: How the Bandipur fires may be impacting tigers

South India’s tiger population is thought to be the “world’s single largest,” but man-made fires are becoming more and more of a threat to their terrain.

Stench, fires and no end in sight: How a Coimbatore landfill has plagued residents

The Vellalore dump yard slowly came into existence beginning in June 2003, sparking a blame game between the authorities and those who live in the area.

Husband from hell: The man who married and swindled several women in south India

32-year-old Jawahar Shukra is in jail for harassing a woman from Andhra Pradesh, whom he met on a matrimonial site. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Beyond courts and catchphrases: How LGBTQ networks help people in crisis

So far, hijra families and volunteer networks have provided shelter, care, and warmth for queer and trans people in need. But the rest of society needs to step up.

Pitied and desexualised: How Malayalam cinema has portrayed people with disability

Rarely are the characters portrayed as people with feelings just like everyone else, especially when it comes to romance and enjoying life.

Despair in search of livelihood: The saga of the Telangana Gulf migration

In pursuit of a better life, hundreds of workers from Telangana make their way to the Gulf, but the reality on the ground is far from the bright future they’re told to expect.

At the heart of Andhra’s booming capital lies a quaint ashram for rationalists

The Charvaka Ashram set up in 1973 has stood the test of time and continues to further the cause of the rationalist movement.

From export to natural disaster, cardamom cultivation in Kerala has fallen on hard times

The Idukki district, India’s largest producer of cardamom, is faced with the destruction of crops from a devastating flood, low yield and the loss of a major importer.

How years of relentless drought has forced farmers in Anantapur to migrate for survival

The story of Anantapur’s drought has been written over and over again, but hope is bleaker as the district stares at another crisis this summer.

Watch: The history behind caste walls in Tamil Nadu

TNM traces the practice of caste walls in Uthapuram town in Madurai.