In depth reportage

How Hyderabad’s vehicular traffic is increasing pollution to alarming levels

An analysis suggests that there has been an overall increase in the major pollutants across the city and not just in industrial areas.

Is rampant pharma pollution in Telangana a policy issue? A look at TS-iPASS

That pharma companies are polluting villages in Telangana is common knowledge, and activists say the state’s recent policy is making things worse.

Caught in a loop: How the Marina Loop Road is affecting fishermen’s lives in Chennai

While the road eases traffic congestion, it is also acting as a barrier that separates the fishermen from the sea and their livelihood.

In K’taka, many girls are promised in marriage to their uncles even before they’re born

Superstition, and a desire to keep money and property within the family, are some of the reasons why girls are married to their uncles when they’re still minors.

Rescued after being left to die, these animals are getting a second chance at life

Larger animals, such as cows and horses, are usually abandoned and left to die when owners realise that they do not generate revenues any more.

Warangal, once feted for how it handled waste, is now home to a hazardous dump yard

Not only is the Rampur dumpyard in clear violation of the Solid Waste Management (SWM) Rules, 2016, but is also a major health hazard.

The ‘loosu ponnu’ in Tamil cinema and why she should retire

Feminist critic Rahini David, director CS Amudhan, and actors Nithya Menen, Khushbu and Iswarya speak to TNM about the ‘loosu ponnu’ trope.

Tortured in the Middle East: The human trafficking nexus in Hyderabad

All the women are lured by the promise of easy money, only to realise once they reach their destination, that they have been 'sold off' as nothing more than domestic slaves.

India fights parasite-induced anaemia: How deworming, open defecation-free spaces help

The Union Government introduced National Deworming Day to bring down the infestation of worms in children, which causes malnutrition.

How farmers in a taluk in Tamil Nadu are bringing back organic farming

Through organic practices, farmers have brought back traditional paddy varieties like mappillai samba and neela samba, among other varieties.