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The News Minute | December 22, 2014 | 3.00 pm IST In the past few days many people across the country have been “re-converted” to Hinduism by the VHP, RSS and other affiliate organisations, who have announced that more 'ghar vapsi' events will be done on Christmas day too. But, have the VHP’s plans been hit by reports that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is unhappy with the event? Immediately after Valsad, Gujarat witnessed the contentious re-conversion event on Saturday, the Prime Minister “expressed his displeasure with VHP leaders,” the Times of India had reported. In spite of these reports, it seems the VHP has no plans to call off the event. “We have been doing this for ages; this is not new to us. We had converted over 500 people to Hinduism last year in Ernakulam district alone. Whatever happens will not change our plans. We will continue helping all those who approach us for conversion,” said Rakesh, the co-ordinator of the VHP’s Ernakulam district. Anish, co-ordinator of the Hindu Helpline in Kerala when asked if he heard reports that the PM was upset, categorically said, "We will not change plans. Around 200 people will be reconverted on Christmas day." The RSS too has vowed to press ahead with the campaign. "We will bring back those who have lost their way. They did not go on their own," RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat said in a speech late on Saturday, the Deccan Chronicle reported. "They were lured into leaving." The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) in Kerala seems to have gauged that this is the time to strike politically. The BJP is in power at the centre and its President Amit Shah had just visited the state and asked the party to gear up for 2016 state assembly elections. The right-wing organizations, especially the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, have seen a great opportunity in Ghar Vapsi. The religious conversion event that began in Uttar Pradesh has spread way too far. In Kerala, where the BJP has until now not even been able to open an electoral account, the VHP aims to bring to fore the Hindutva agenda. “We successfully brought back 40 Christians and 10 Muslims to Hinduism over the past few days. The event in Uttar Pradesh has rekindled the minds of people who were converted from Hinduism to other religions. They want to come back to the Hindu fold and they have faith in us. That is the reason why they are approaching us in large numbers from different parts of the state,” Rakesh said. The VHP has set up a helpline number for those who wish to get their help for conversion. However, the VHP is quite tightlipped when it comes to their modus-operandi and the statistics. They only reveal that people call them or come to their offices and ask them for help. Rakesh said that the VHP is co-ordinating with Arya Samaj, Sree Ram Chandra Mission, Ayyappa Seva Sangham and Hindu Mission for help. He said that these are the four organizations that have been entrusted the task of re-conversions. He also said that only three district centres in the state viz., Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode will carry out the ghar vapsi in Kerala. "People form other districts will be asked to come to these centres," he said. What does the VHP actually do for converting the people? “Unlike Islam and Christianity, Hinduism does not specify about a particular way in which conversion should be carried out. We, therefore, conduct a shuddhi kalasham (pooja) which lasts for ten minutes. We then take them to a temple,” Rakesh said. It is clear that the VHP is in no mood to listen to anyone, not even Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that is if the reports about PM being upset are true. Tweet Read - Opted for 'Ghar Vapsi' to secure back scheduled caste status for kids says woman in Kerala