Eager to defend 'hero' Dileep, AMMA slams Aamir, Akshay Kumar for supporting 'Me Too'

At WCC press meet on Saturday, a few members had pointed out how members in other film fraternities had reacted when one of their own was accused of sexual harassment.

Explainer: The problem with Kerala's surrender-and-rehabilitation scheme for Maoists

The program, which offers monetary compensation for Maoists who surrender, has not yielded any results in Kerala, but activists say the issue lies in the design of the policy.

BJP concludes first phase of 5-day march against Sabarimala verdict

BJP state president PS Sreedharan Pillai said that if the government doesn't address the issue in 24 hours, the party would start a new mode of agitation.

AMMA's ridiculous press meet defending Mohanlal, Dileep generates LOL memes

Does AMMA even understand what its members say? Is Dileep still in AMMA or not? Some questions the Universe cannot answer.

Post SC verdict, Kerala woman observes 41-day fast to go to Sabarimala

Reshma Nishanth, a devotee from Kannur, requested the government and people to support her in her pilgrimage to Sabarimala temple.

'Conspiracy against Mohanlal': Siddique, KPAC Lalitha slam WCC in bizarre AMMA press meet

Other than saying that they will not invite back the four women who'd resigned from AMMA, KPAC Lalitha and Siddique also batted for Dileep.

‘Not right to blame Mohanlal for decision by EC:’ AMMA responds to WCC

In a letter, AMMA member Jagadeesh writes why the film body decided to pass the buck from the Executive Committee to the General Body with regard to reinstating actor Dileep.

Actor Kollam Thulasi booked for controversial remarks on women entering Sabarimala

During a BJP protest meeting over the temple issue, the actor had stated that women who tried to enter Sabarimala should be ripped apart.

Rape accused bishop Franco Mulakkal granted bail, but banned from entering Kerala

The Kerala High Court ordered Bishop Franco Mulakkal to surrender his passport and banned him from entering Kerala.

Shiv Sena threatens mass suicides if women enter Sabarimala

Senior Shiv Sena leader P Aji said that 'suicide squads' comprising men and women above 50 years of age are ready to give up their lives.