Nipah scare: Test on 21 bat and pig samples turn out negative, source yet to be located

The authorities have now decided to conduct more tests to locate its source.

Nipah update: One more person dies in Kerala, 11 deaths confirmed due to virus

Including one person who is suspected to have died of the virus, a total of 12 deaths have been reported in the state since the Nipah outbreak.

Nipah virus: Kerala govt issues travel advisory, asks visitors to avoid 4 districts

If travellers wish to be extra cautious, they may avoid visiting the districts of Kozhikode, Malappuram, Wayanad and Kannur when travelling to Kerala, the advisory says.

Kerala govt says Nipah outbreak contained, police file case over fake news

Health Minister Shailaja told the media in Thiruvananthapuram that though the virus had been contained, there was a need to be alert.

Workers refuse to cremate bodies of Nipah victims, govt steps in to sensitise

Local newspapers reported incidents of crematorium workers and ambulance drivers refusing to handle Nipah victims for they were scared of the virus spreading.

Kerala govt to crack down on fake messages on Nipah virus, warns legal action

From asking people not to visit Kerala to calling Nipah virus a creation of the Health Department, fake messages have been doing the rounds on social media.

‘Don’t panic over unconfirmed reports on Nipah Virus’: Kerala Health Dept appeals

As the Nipah fear grips Kerala, reports in the media of the disease not being spread by bats has spooked the public.

Kerala govt to give job for nurse Lini’s spouse, compensation for Nipah victims’ families

“Nurse Lini died after attending to a patient with Nipah virus and we remember her commitment to her duty and sacrificing nature,” said Kerala Minister Shylaja.

Two suspected cases of Nipah virus infection reported from Mangaluru

The patients have been placed in quarantine and test results are awaited.

Nipah virus in Kerala: 10 dead, 22 people quarantined

Of the 18 samples that had earlier been sent for lab investigations, 12 have returned positive for Nipah.