India moves to Tetanus-Diphtheria vaccine, instead of only Tetanus, on WHO guidance

The Health Ministry stated that the Td vaccines would replace the current Tetanus Toxoid vaccines by the end of the year as they offer more protection.

Organ Donation Day: Awareness on the rise but laws remain complicated

The current laws in place for organ donation state that only a hospital which is recognised as an organ receiving centre can remove and transplant organs.

660 million Indians affected by excessive air pollution, say researchers

People in the national capital would live six years longer if its air quality met the national standards.

Scientists develop nano 'Trojan horse' to strangle tumours

The nanorobot can be cleared out of the body after it has finished its task.

India aims to eradicate TB by 2025, but access to low-cost drugs a challenge

Months after PM Modi’s announcement to eliminate TB by 2025, the UN is looking at trade policies which may impact prices of necessary anti-tuberculosis meds.

Drink, drank, drunk: What happens when we drink alcohol, in four short videos

What is it that makes us feel drunk when we drink? And why do we keep drinking if it can make us feel so terrible?

Lift ban on retail sale of oxytocin: Health Ministry body to Centre

The advisory panel’s suggestion comes after a number of people protested that sudden withdrawal of the drug from major retailers could lead to a serious shortage.

Indian govt recalls Chinese-made rabies vaccine after data found to be fabricated

It was reported that the Chinese manufacturers of the vaccine falsified records and were ordered to cease further production.

Why is lung cancer spreading among non-smokers?

Air pollution levels are skyrocketing nationwide and with them, so are rates of respiratory ailments.

Swine flu alert in India, first case reported this year

Swine flu made global headlines in 2009 after an outbreak reached pandemic proportions.