Rupee Rani

Finance for Women

Matters of life and death: What women need to know about wills and legal heirs

Women who may have been providing for, or are dependent on the deceased, are especially vulnerable, so they need to know their rights and the procedures.

Filing tax from overseas to understanding Form 16: Rupee Rani answers your questions

You can and should file your income tax return, even if you don’t have Form 16.

Five important things you need to know about income tax refunds

A refund is merely the excess tax that we have paid the government, which is being returned to us, but it isn’t applicable to anyone who has some TDS in their name.

Why you must not delay filing your Income Tax returns this year

Rules are tougher this year, and the hole in your pocket will be bigger if you choose to ignore them.

Family first and risk averse: What I’ve learned about women and money in the past year

One year since Rupee Rani was started on The News Minute, here is a summary of how I think women handle their money.

What is inflation and why you need to know how it works

It is important to know how inflation works because it has an impact not just on our everyday lives, but also our future.

How the basic savings bank deposit helps in the financial inclusion of women

Studies have shown that giving vulnerable women access to financial tools, providing ways for them to keep their money safely empowers their confidence and increases their growth.

Why it is important to have a nominee for your investments

Women are especially vulnerable to being exploited for money during times of emergency.

If you plan to take a loan, you must start paying more attention to your Credit Score

Availing a line of credit can be potentially life-saving during emergencies, especially for women, who might not always have solid securities or assets that they can pledge in a moment’s notice.

Why working women must hire financial planners, and what they need to look for

Women are prone to taking decisions that may not be in their interest because of familial pressure or listening to misguided advice.