In depth reportage

How do we address the physical health issues of people with mental illnesses?

Many years ago, a patient with mental illness passed away from renal failure, and hospitals were reluctant to treat him. Are things changing now?

'Marketing' milk in maternity wards: Are Indian moms coerced into giving baby formula?

Mothers are receiving conflicting information on what is best for their babies, and it is coming from their healthcare providers.

Photo Essay: The Gotte Koya tribe’s search for a settlement to survive in Telangana

They abandoned their original settlements in Chhattisgarh to escape the tyranny of the armed forces and the Naxals.

Watch: Large number of cervical cancer deaths in India, but HPV vaccine not prevalent

India sees upto 25% of the world’s cervical cancer related deaths, yet controversies surrounding the HPV vaccine has ensured its not part of the immunisation programme.

As fake Kalamkari takes over the market, the original form struggles to survive

The popularity of Kalamkari grew, and Pedana residents wanted a faster way to make and sell Kalamkari fabric. And that gave rise to screen-printed Kalamkari.

Treasure trove in the sea: Fisherfolk in Andhra find a livelihood in jellyfish

Jellyfish breed around the time of Andhra's fishing ban and their mass reproduction makes them an abundant resource for the locals of Machilipatnam.

Between sexism and sexuality: How women's roles have evolved in Tamil, Malayalam films

From not depicting sex and sexuality at all, films went on to portray women as erotic objects. But that is now slowly changing.

From lifeline to a glorified drain: Will Telangana's plan to restore Musi River work?

As one looks at the river today, it is hard to imagine that the water was once filled to the brim and full of life.

Fluoride hotspots of Tamil Nadu: Why quick action on the ground is needed

The well-begun story of TN’s fight against fluoride contamination can have a resounding finale as in the case of several other social sector programmes.

TN’s fluoride hotspots: How failed water supply schemes are jeopardising community health

India’s water crisis is rooted in poverty and inequality, not in physical availability, and this is more apparent in the fluoride hotspots of Tamil Nadu.