This isn’t the north: Why BJP needs to find meatier issues than meat in Karnataka

The chink in the armour of BJP’s Karnataka unit is showing, and the party is stuck talking about eating meat before visiting temples.

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Bofors: The Swedes and the Swiss are willing to assist, but will India drop the ball?

The Central Bureau of Investigation asked the Supreme Court to reopen the case that was artificially closed in 2011.

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The Shamir Reuben harassment row, and why women must learn to trust their instincts

It’s a rude reminder that even woke, seemingly practising feminist men, can perpetuate the same misogyny in their personal lives that they speak against.

As TDP vs BJP battle plays out in Andhra, Jagan has no option but to wait and watch

Despite being the ruling party, TDP has occupied the opposition space by criticising ally BJP, putting the YSR Congress under pressure.