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‘I’ve carved my own path’: Meet Manonmani, south India’s first female sarangi player

Manonmani comes from a family of musicians – her mother Saroja and her grandfather PV Shanmugam were both dilruba players.

The history of the Hollywood sign,from public nuisance to symbol of stardom

The sign was originally intended as an advertisement, and few had considered its permanence or long-term significance.

Five ways India must help its farmers face the threat of climate change

Extreme weather events threaten to derail the Indian government’s agenda of doubling farmers’ income across the country.

Growling with tigers, laughing with hyenas: Meet the women caretakers of TN zoo

For these women caretakers, the fierce animals they look after are friends who answer to their call.

Friendship, militancy and Kashmir: A Pandit’s memoir of his family’s exodus and return

An excerpt from of ‘A Long Dream Of Home: The Persecution, Exodus and Exile of Kashmiri Pandits’.

Fur babies over human ones? Meet millennials who choose to raise pets instead of kids

While some choose to raise pets to see if they can handle bringing up another human life, others view their pets as their children.

Magic from waste: Meet the artist who makes enchanting artworks out of cloth scraps

Medha Bhatt recently held an exhibition showcasing her artworks titled ‘My Whistling School Boy and Other Friends’ in Thiruvananthapuram.

The little girl from Mahabalipuram who is taking Indian skateboarding scene by storm

Eight-year-old Kamali Moorthy, a child prodigy, is the only girl skateboarder and surfer in her hamlet in Tamil Nadu.

Parents need to start talking to their children about the risks of porn

The porn they’re watching today is much more “hardcore” than moms and dads could possibly imagine.

Why is sarcasm so difficult to detect in texts and emails?

Studies have shown that people realize that they have a tough time interpreting sarcasm in writing.