Traffic will largely be stopped from entering Tank Bund between 4 pm and 11 pm.
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 09:08
Nowhera, who had also floated the All India Mahila Empowerment Party, was arrested in New Delhi and brought to Hyderabad on a transit remand.
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 07:54
Speaking to reporters after the meeting, KCR said, "We took into consideration what the people want and what their main demands were.”
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 19:11
She had at first anonymously written about the alleged harassment by Alencier on a film set, and later revealed her identity through a Facebook video.
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 18:03
The video, apparently recorded by someone sitting in Ashish Pandey's car, shows him verbally abusing and threatening a man for using the women's washroom.
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 16:57
Inspector General-ranked officer Harishekaran has been posted as the IGP and Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Bengaluru replacing R Hitendra.
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 16:28
Three journalism students and two women journalists traveling to Pamba were forced to end their journey at Nilakkal.
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 15:53
While the Pandalam family wanted the Devaswom Board to file a review petition with the Supreme Court on Monday, the latter rejected it.
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 15:50
“When you have established a political party, you need to behave with more responsibility and introspect,” TDP spokesperson Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy said.
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 15:38
TFPC's President Vishal's announces that his film 'Sandakozhi 2' will not be screened in these theatres.
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 15:06