Articles by Sruthi Ganapathy Raman

These old messes in Mylapore serve some of the most mouth-watering food in Chennai
Saturday, June 11, 2016 - 12:53
Though NR Mahendran was more than happy to be behind gears in his yard, his passion lay in the ladle.
Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 18:22
A venture that allows you to experience artisans and their way of life - up close and personal.
Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 17:12
Sastry welcomes one and all to take part in the second version of his ‘Facebook Sangamam’ on July 10.
Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 17:00
അരനൂറ്റാണ്ടിനപ്പുറം നിർമിക്കപ്പെട്ട സിനിമയിലെ സർറിയൽ ഘടകങ്ങൾ ഇപ്പോഴും ജിജ്ഞാസയും അത്ഭുതവും ഉണർത്തുന്നു.
Friday, June 3, 2016 - 13:13
The surreal elements of the film, even if more than half a century old, still come off as an amusing surprise
Friday, June 3, 2016 - 08:06
Marking this year’s World Environment Day on June 5, the campaign will see people making donations for saplings and pledging to nurture it.
Thursday, June 2, 2016 - 13:59
The start-up accounts for converting a tonne of organic waste generated in the city into fuel every year
Saturday, May 28, 2016 - 18:57
The intelligent commuting system is being applied in 6,414 buses
Friday, May 27, 2016 - 18:19
Construkt tries to give entrepreneurs a community space suited to the start-up ecosystem
Monday, May 23, 2016 - 21:40