Articles by Shilpa S Ranipeta

Startups tend to realise the importance of keeping it lean only when things are not going so well.
Saturday, June 10, 2017 - 22:37
Startups are grabbing the opportunity GST is providing to come up with specialised services.
Saturday, June 10, 2017 - 16:56
Paymatrix, Hug Innovations and Kheyti were recognized for their contribution to the state in the field of technology.
Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 17:52
Unherd partnered with SalesForce, an American cloud computing company, to run its first pilot program.
Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 13:12
Inclov is a matchmaking app that caters especially to people with disabilities.
Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 19:14
GST is a complex system and some aspects of its regulation and implementation are not well understood yet.
Saturday, June 3, 2017 - 18:21
PiOctave Solutions provides smart security systems that let you monitor your home from anywhere across the world.
Friday, June 2, 2017 - 21:39
Diabetacare uses technology to bridge the gap in managing diabetes.
Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 17:22
Swiggy plans on using these funds to introduce a suite of new products and services.
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - 17:14
Ayasta uses data to monitor the electrical grid within a facility to identify any anomalies.
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 - 13:55