Zoook launches ZB-Rocker M3 Mean Machine Mini at Rs 1,299

The coverage for Bluetooth connectivity on the ZB-Rocker M3 Mean Machine Mini is as high as 32 feet.
Zoook launches ZB-Rocker M3 Mean Machine Mini at Rs 1,299
Zoook launches ZB-Rocker M3 Mean Machine Mini at Rs 1,299
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When it comes to electronic devices and appliances, the general perception would be that you can’t beat the Chinese companies on the pricing. But here’s a French company, marketing consumer electronic products, at unbelievable price points.

The product under discussion is a speaker and the company is Zoook.

It is not as if Zoook’s products are being sold in India for the first time. In fact, there is already a speaker the Zoook ZB-Rocker M2 Mean Machine in the market and is said to have clocked a decent sales volume.

Now, the next device in the same line is being offered by the company and its named the Zoook ZB-Rocker M3 Mean Machine. It’s basically a Bluetooth-enabled speaker that delivers eight-watt output. And the coverage for Bluetooth connectivity is as high as 32 feet. This makes this speaker the preferred one, when people are outdoors. since the speaker can be easily located anywhere and still get the best audio output from the main player.

The other important feature of the Zoook ZB-Rocker M3 Mean Machine is that it has a 1500mAh battery and once fully charged, it can go on working for 6-8 hours before requiring a recharge.

It therefore fits in with many applications and events which don’t run beyond 3-4 hours.

And this speaker offers a wide range of options to choose from in so far as the source of the audio is concerned. There are five different options, in fact. These are the conventional 3.5mm jack, Bluetooth, FM Radio, USB and microSD card.

 The best part is you can enjoy all this for as little as Rs 1, 299. Currently there’s even an additional discount offer running on Amazon and one can pick it up for Rs 999 till August 11.

With all the features and specs mentioned above this price is definitely a steal.

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