Why not just ban women while we are at it?

Features Saturday, March 21, 2015 - 05:30
The News Minute | December 8, 2014 | 09:43 am IST  Why have women at all? In a country that is unable to protect half of its people and tells them every day that it is okay to be raped, we bring you an alphabet of rape.  A – Alchemy a chemical process that incites men to rape women when the latter wear pig-fat free or musk-free scent.  B – Badaun, an Indian village where two sisters were raped and hung to a tree. The police is trying to foist the blame on the girls calling it a suicide while the parents say they were raped when they went out to answer nature’s call at night which is the plight of millions of Indian women.  C – Chatting on cell phones and eating chow-mein quadruples the chances of a woman/child/baby getting raped in India according to village elders who live near India’s capital city New Delhi. Both – phone and food - should be banned for women. The letter C also stands for crèche or play-school where serial sexual offenders and rapists in India are employed without any background check. They abuse tiny tots regularly and graduate to older people adolescents and adults and opportunities present themselves.  D – Dress code. Women who don’t want to get raped must not wear skirts (long on short), jeans, saris, lehengas, shirts, t-shirts and other clothing items. Women in India who wear clothes get raped. Make up is also good news for rapists.  E – Ego. Women who get raped have big egos. They want to have their word, the last word very much like the last mile. They are educated and they know what they want. Rape is course correction.  F – There’s a word in the Queen’s language for this alphabet. It is alien to Indians. G – Same to same. Unmentionable in Hindi, like the F word and the Chief Minister of an Indian state just mentioned a bamboo. That’s why girls get raped. H – A member of the ruling coalition in India used the H word in Urdu. The Indian parliament stopped work for two days because of the H word - such is the situation in the House. Rape is a language issue. I – India the world’s largest democracy where it is okay to be amma, akka, chechi and behena, but not something unattached called woman. A woman without any attachment is a candidate for rape.  J – Jail where rapists in India should be, instead they roam freely in homes and offices, parks and parties. J is also for justice that is not delivered swiftly so rapists rich and poor get away after inserting bottles into an infant’s vagina.  K – Karma or kismet which is what raped women have to listen to when they dare to speak up in a country where apportioning blame and punishment is postponed, till the next life. L – Last mile. It always happens that there are only women at the last mile where rapists lurk. The last mile should be abolished and rapes will cease.  M – Men, not all, but some so evil, that evil is petrified. Some so calculating, the atom crushing linear accelerator would lose, some so dangerous, that even the Anaconda would avoid them for fear of getting a Delhi belly. M for the former Chief Minister of a state who said rape is part of boys who are growing up.  N – Nirbhaya, the fearless, the 16th December 2012 woman for whom the world stood in silence for a minute. Her name must not be mentioned as she is the fearless one who was shifted to a hospital in Singapore because we feared riots in New Delhi. If she had fallen at the feet of her rapists and told them she was a behen, chechi, akka, they may have spared her, one oracle said. Instead, she defended herself. So her intestines had to come out and she had to die. O – Outrage, so easily manufactured, so easily ignored. If women had followed the alphabetical order, there would be no reason for O to exist. We could have directly gone to P, quietly.  P – Penetration. Did it happen or not, are you lying, show us tell us what happened. If you have been penetrated by a man – husband or not - means you are sexually active in which case you cannot file an FIR. Women who buy tampons without being accompanied by a male deserve to be raped.  Q – Why? Why doesn’t the country come to a standstill when half of its people are crying? Why doesn’t the parliament stop functioning on rape when other alphabets like H cause it to? R – Rape a word which has entered our vocabulary in a manner so violent and relentless, we are afraid to look at it in the face and punish the guilty who thrive and flourish with our sanction. Did someone say rape is small incident? S – Where Indian girls go to learn but are raped by the teachers. School - where girls drop out from because there are no safe toilets for them. School where parents leave their children hoping they will return home safe fearful not only of traffic but a steady traffic of rapists who pass off as gym instructors and dance teachers. T – Truth that no one wants to face. Truth that rapists live with us because they know they will not be denounced. Truth, a mockery of which we make every day, each one of us, all of us because facing it is too difficult.  U – Uber taxi service, the latest in a long line of settings where women are raped. She should have called someone she knows instead of a taxi service. Call girls, call centre – same thing. U also stands for until we allow rapists to escape, people will get away with it, it will happen. Until there is harsh punishment, it will be business as usual. V – Vishaka guidelines, written by some of the best minds in the country in record time to be used by others as a fig-leaf to cover their shameful behaviour. Media, politicians, public and private sector all swear by the guidelines – such unanimity in a country where two people cannot agree where north is. W – Waxing. Not eloquent, but arms and legs. Women who go to beauty parlours must not complain if they are raped. Why should they spend money removing what is natural? X – This is what texting does to our children - bad, very bad. Everything is XXX. Y – You, we, us – all of us who pretend that nothing is happening and that if it happens to one of our daughters, things would change. The tragedy is that it is happening all around us, in our homes, schools and offices.  Z – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz - for the police and the politicians. Tweet Read- This video of a girl responding to a male chauvinist, shows exactly what some Indian men need to see
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