Can you spot the pot?

Is your pet pastime counting potholes on Bengaluru roads Then this hilarious song is for you
Social Social Saturday, November 04, 2017 - 19:55

Is your favourite activity counting and trying to escape the innumerable potholes on the roads in Bengaluru?

Are you one of those people who is fed up of being forced to drive slow because of the bad condition of the roads? Then this song is for you! 

Pothole Patrike, a Bangalore-based group, has created a video song called 'Spot the pot', which pretty much sums up an average Bengalurean's life on the pothole-ridden roads in the city.

The song poses the question: Why do Bengalureans now ride slower than they used to before?

Answer: Because they are busy on the road. Doing what? Spotting the pothole! 

The catchy number in Kanglish, published on Pothole Patrike’s Facebook page earlier this week, has nearly 8,000 views so far.

The caption exhorts viewers: “All of you put one dance I tell you! Then share, okayna?”

Some of the lyrics go:

"It’s not like before, now I am riding slow.

Even if the road is straight,

No, I cannot, no. Why? Why? Why bro?

I am busy all the way.

Doing what?

Spotting the holes."

 More hilariously:

"No matter how much we rant, it's is all a waste.

I was riding fast, I ended up in a ditch.

The brave guy who jumped over the ditch said: Bro, slowly."

According to their FB page, Pothole Patrike is an initiative by concerned Bangaloreans whose hearts bleed looking at how their dear city is going down the "drain."

The song is written by Karthik Gubbi and the video features Arun Kumar, Madhura Gowda, Karthik Gubbi and Madhumita Natarajan dancing to the lament song in various locations across the city.


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