news Tuesday, June 09, 2015 - 05:30
Breaking the law and then bragging about it on Facebook, to the extent of leading others on the same path, can land you in jail. Areeb Taha Mehdi, a 23-year-old sharebroker, illegally entered the jaguar enclosure in the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad at night by allegedly bribing an employee. He then went on to click pictures of himself pulling one of the limbs of the jaguar and a video of him petting it. It is unclear when the incident occurred, but Mehdi was arrested on Tuesday. If this wasn't enough, he uploaded the video of the act on Facebook on Sunday and tagged more than 75 people. Although the photo has been taken down now, Areeb bragged about knowing how to access the enclosure. "Anyone interested to have such mindblowing experience do let me know will give you details to meet these species," he wrote in the description. The zoo officials identified the staffer as Govind and filed a complaint at the Bahadurpura police station against the duo. Speaking to The News Minute, G Ravi, the curator of the Hyderabad zoo said "We have probed the incident and filed a complaint at the Bahadurpura police station. We are also taking more precautions. This cannot be considered a security lapse as it was human greed that led to this." Ravi also added that more checks and barriers would be put in place and a background check would be done on the staff. The police registered an FIR and booked Mehdi for trespassing and also invoked section 38 (j) of the Wildlife Protection Act which prohibits teasing of an animal in a zoo. The zoo staffer has also been arrested along with Mehdi.  This incident comes months after 24-year-old Fazal Shaik was arrested in February for posing atop a 120-year-old Galapagos tortoise, also in the zoo.  Faizal who had got the photo clicked last May, told a gathering of reporters that he took the photo with the intention of putting it on Facebook for more "likes".