MK Stalin goes all guns blazing against AIADMK. Read the full text of his letter to Tamil Nadu CM O Pannerselvam.

news Saturday, May 02, 2015 - 05:30
File Photo   DMK leader MK Stalin has shot off an angry letter to the CM of Tamil Nadu O Panneerselvam, asking him to wake up and address the needs of the people of the state. In the no holds barred letter, Stalin asks OPS, "I checked the Tamil Nadu government website and it says that you are the chief minister of this state. It doesn’t seem like it. Will your government wake up at least in its last year of existence?"   Read the full text below.   Dear Chief Minister Thiru.O.Paneerselvam,     AN OPEN LETTER TO THE CHIEF MINISTER       Dear Chief Minister Thiru.O.Paneerselvam,   Greetings. I hope that on the personal front you are hale and healthy.   I take this opportunity to bring to your notice the state of affairs in our beloved Tamil Nadu, the state of affairs that you and your cabinet ministers seem to be blissfully unaware of and unconcerned about. There used to be a time when the biggest companies, the top brands and the most respected industrial houses were keen to come to a healthy and vibrant Tamil Nadu. But today, Tamil Nadu is in the ICU and its vital signs are a cause for extreme concern. From being one of the top three investment destinations in India, today it has become one of the top three states from which companies are running away in desperation. Foxconn and Nokia left because of the government’s lack of support. Hyundai, Ford, Saint Gobain and many others have decided to take their expansion up in other states. Small scale and tiny industries have been dying for the past four years. The much hyped Global Investors Meet has been postponed twice because this state does not have the ‘right’ chief minister to meet the delegates. You have spent 100 crores of people’s money to invite companies from many countries, you had promised to bring in investments worth 76,000 crores. Mr.O.Paneeerselvam, 70% of graduates are not able to find a job today. Do you realise how many jobs 76,000 crores could have created? Your government has totally disregarded the future of our youth; you are in the process of destroying the dreams of millions of young people.   Your government has made a lot of announcements but they remain as mere announcements on paper with no effort to implement them.There have been no major infrastructure projects; the government lacks vision and progress has come to a standstill. Crime has increased to frightening levels in the last four years, especially crimes against women and children. Electricity shortage has reached unmanageable levels and corruption is rampant. Karnataka wants to build a dam that will jeopardise the livelihood of our farmers. The people of Chennai sweltering in the summer heat, watch empty air conditioned metro rail trains run from Koyembedu to Alandur, because the chief minister will not inaugurate this 20,000 crores project. Bus drivers, teachers, noon meal workers, physically challenged persons have all made desperate pleas to address their long standing requests but the government is scared to talk to them without directions from Poes Garden. Assembly sessions - the pillar of democratic process where people’s issues are debated and long term plans are conceived - have turned into “singing praises of the ADMK leader” sessions. Government employees are being driven to suicide because ministers have turned into extortionists. This, Thiru. Paneerselvam, is the Tamil Nadu of today.   Your ministers who are supposed to govern Tamil Nadu spend every day carrying milk pots, performing poojas and walking on fire for the release of your leader. Did it occur to you that you and your ministerial colleagues should at least spend a fraction of that time in an attempt to govern our state which has reached new lows in governance? The only government organisation that has been registering phenomenal growth and is today contributing almost 30% of the government’s revenue is TASMAC. Tamil Nadu’s only claim to fame today is that, as a state, it is breaking all records in alcohol consumption. Does that make you and the ADMK proud, Mr.Paneerselvam? Are you going to bring out advertisements and issue press releases to showcase your government’s one and only successful program in the past four years - the ADMK’s achievement in making Tamil Nadu the most alcohol dependent state in the world?   You cannot punish Tamil Nadu because your party leader has been punished for corruption. The future and livelihood of seven crore people living in our state is in extreme danger because you and your party are not interested in the welfare of our state; you are interested only in the welfare of your leader. Have you and your ministerial colleagues no sense of responsibility? Do you not realise that people had voted for you with hopes in their heart for a better future for them, their sons and daughters? Have you no sense of shame or regret for letting them down, for destroying their lives and their children’s future, all for the sake of your convicted leader?   Mr.Paneerselvam, I checked the Tamil Nadu government website ( and it says that you are the chief minister of this state. It doesn’t seem like it. Will your government wake up at least in its last year of existence? Will you at least now try to make an attempt to address people’s needs? Will you show a little concern for Tamil Nadu? Before I finish I have one final question to ask you and every ADMK MLA, “Is your first duty and loyalty towards the people of Tamil Nadu or to your convicted leader?” I challenge you to honestly answer this question.   Sincerely,   M. K. Stalin
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