Yet another Hyderabad man falls into a drain, five-day search yields no result

Earlier this week, 40-year-old Rajinikanth, a techie, fell into an open drain in Manikonda and his body was later found two days later.
Mohan Reddy
Mohan Reddy
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A 20-member team comprising Disaster Response Force (DRF) personnel and the police has launched an extensive search to recover the body of 54-year-old Mohan Reddy. Reddy, a resident of Quthbullapur in Hyderabad who was under the influence of alcohol, had fallen into an open nala which was not barricaded properly, when he went to urinate. Though the incident took place on Saturday, September 25 — the same day G Rajinikanth, another resident of Hyderabad fell into a drain — his body is yet to be retrieved. Jeedimetla police Inspector K Balaraj said that the DRF have started their search afresh from Quthbullapur to Balanagar.

“The victim, after drinking at the wine shop, went near the nala to relieve himself. After urinating, he slipped into the drainage. It was dark then as there was no power, and since it was raining, the water flow in the drainage was heavy and the people who came to his rescue could not trace him,” the inspector said. The inspector said that the incident occurred as one part of the drainage was open. “The barricading fence was rusted and broken, and the man fell through it.”

A CCTV video of the incident shows Mohan smoking near the nala, waiting to cross the road. While he proceeds to cross it, he falters, loses balance and falls into the nala. The incident came to light very late, as the family did not know about the mishap.

On September 25, Mohan came along with his friends to drink at the wine shop. While they were about to return home, Mohan went to urinate. However, his friends were not aware of this. Though the vendors near the wine shops alerted people that somebody had fallen into the drainage, the friends assumed that he must have left for home without telling them. The next day, one of his friends visited Mohan’s house as he could not reach him on his phone. When he enquired about his whereabouts, Mohan’s daughter said that he had not returned home since the previous evening.

Subsequently, the family had filed a missing complaint. After suspecting that the man who washed away in the nala could have been Mohan, they looked for the CCTV footage, Mohan’s brother-in-law told the media. Earlier this week, 40-year-old Rajinikanth, a techie, fell into an open drain in Manikonda. His body was later found in Neknampur lake on September 27.

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