If you are in Mysuru on Tuesday, you know where to go

This year at Indian Science Congress Environmentalist Lord Shiva and Shankh-blowing for fitnessImage: www.mallsstuff.com
news Science Monday, January 04, 2016 - 18:22

If you thought this year was not without its share of Hindu-culture based scientific discussion at the Indian Science Congress in Mysuru, then you would be wrong. Perhaps not as amusing as last year, but the organizers have been able to sneak in a couple of topics for to keep up with the trend.

You can look through the entire schedule for the 103rd Indian Science Congress here.

On January 5, IAS officer Rajeev Sharma, an Additional Commissioner-level officer in Kanpur, is scheduled to hold a symposium on “blowing of shankh – an indigenous tradition for fitness and wellness”. The symposium is being held under the section “Anthropological & Behavioural Sciences (Including Archaeology, Psychology, Education & Military Sciences)” and will be held at the Department of Studies in Psychology University of Mysore between 2PM and 4PM.

We ran a quick Google search on this subject, and here some fun posts on this subject here, here and here. Trust us, you would want to read the first two for sure.

The other topic which is raising eyebrows is Akhilesh K Pandey’s lecture on “Lord Shiva : As a Greatest Environmentalist in the World”. Pandey is the Chairman of MP Private University Regulatory Commission at Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh.

Inexplicably, his lecture is a part of a symposium on “Assessment And Mitigation Of Air Quality In Major Cities Of India In Terms Of Inorganic And Organic Pollutants & Sub –Topic : Environmental Management”. This is to be held on January 5.

Last year, the organisers of the 102nd Indian Science Congress received a lot of flak for promoting mythology and unscientific subjects through the conference.

So if you are in Mysuru on Tuesday, you know where to go.