‘Year is 2021’: Srindaa takes on Kairali TV show for disparaging comments

The show called 'LoudSpeaker' made disparaging comments about women actors for their choice of clothes during photo shoots.

The year is 2021, Srindaa writes, as she begins to tell off a television show that made derogatory comments on women actors of Malayalam cinema. She's one of the actors that the so-called satirical show called 'Loud Speaker', aired on Kairali TV, included in their "analysis" of celebrities doing photo shoots. Starting from Esther Anil, the child actor who grew to play grownup roles now, to young Anaswara Rajan, Anusree and Srindaa, the show makes defamatory remarks on the actors' choice of clothing for photo shoots.

"When everyone (well almost) is trying to unlearn toxic behavioural patterns, stigmas and perceptions, fighting for women's rights, and actively creating a space for everyone to love their bodies, sadly, here we are taking 20000 steps back (sigh)," Srindaa writes on her Instagram page, after posting a photo her in a veil of net, turning back towards the camera.

She wanted to give no attention to the show - "because it honestly deserved none" -- but decided to write against it since she did not want any woman or girl "growing up in an environment where conversations like this dictate the norm."


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The show takes a dig at Drishyam star Esther who in their opinion is trying to show that she has “grown up” with her photo shoots, while Anusree, it says, is fond of jumping into water for her shoots. A condescending voice over says that Esther seems desperate to show she is an adult and no wonder that some fans are worried. 

Srindaa, known for her performances in critically acclaimed films such as Annayum Rasoolum1984 and Njandukalude Naatil Oridavela, also took on Kairali TV for allowing such a show to run on the channel.

"It's time to be a lot more responsible about the kind of content that goes up, specially when you serve as a platform that has the power to influence change, shouldn't such horribly backward views be screened and honestly discouraged! So that the little girls and boys that watch your platform, learn that their bodies are theirs, and theirs alone. That no one, not even randomn chechis and chetans on their tv /mobile screens can tell them what to do /what to wear," Srindaa adds, saying that she would continue to wear what she likes and never stop her photoshoots.

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