The app lets women book a working space at WSquare, apply for jobs, hire women and avail discounts from top brands.

Womens co-working space WSquare launches an app WCONNECT for women
Atom Women Empowerment Saturday, July 15, 2017 - 18:22
Written by  Pheba Mathew

WSquare, India’s first co-working space for women organized NoW 2017 on Saturday to help women get back to work. It also launched WCONNECT, an app that lets women book a working space at WSquare, apply for jobs, hire women and avail discounts from top brands.

Vandhana Ramanathan, co-founder, WSqaure says that this summit is to bring women together and also for them to learn from each other

WSquare which is a co-working space and has various features like Wi-Fi, access to a conference room, 24x7 power backup and healing centre for yoga and grooming.

The event also saw nearly 15 women entrepreneurs showcase their work.  

Speaking about the app, Jinal Patel, cofounder of WSquare said, “Women need to register themselves on our app, we will connect them to people who are looking out for people to hire. We were getting lot of enquiries from women who wanted to get back to work and also from corporates who wanted to hire people, so we decided to bridge that gap.”

WConnect’s Deep Learning Algorithm, ensures it connects women with the right profile and to the right organization.

There were panel discussions addressing issues women may have with regards to when is the right age for women to get back to work. Various women across ages shared stories of starting up and enterprise or getting back to work.

Another panel discussion on breaking barriers saw women speak about how they broke barriers to come up in their respective careers. 

Aarabhi Veeraraghavan, a contemporary dancer who was part of the panel said, “If it’s a job that pays you well, if your partner and you are fine with hiring a help or use a daycare, nowadays, lot of work places are including daycare, women can surely go back to work. Nowadays, the divide between workspace and homespace is sort of becoming little less, you have more options to take your child to work however, if a woman decides to work, she will be judged.”

Lets SOS, a digital marketing agency run by women also conducted a digital marketing workshop for women entrepreneurs. 

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