Sunny Leone spoke to Kareena Kapoor about parenthood, her life choices and dealing with online hate.

Women mustnt lose themselves in conforming to expectations Sunny Leone to Kareena
Flix Interview Friday, December 21, 2018 - 17:21

Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Khan recently made her radio debut with the show What Women Want. The show covers several topics such as finance, life choices, relationships, all from a female perspective. After having interviewed the likes of Shireen Bhan, managing editor CNBC-TV18, on Thursday, Kareena interviewed Sunny Leone. The episode aired on Thursday, and the actors talked about life choices, dealing with online hate and more.

Sunny revealed that she always knew she wanted to own her own business. “I just never knew what it was going to be.”

Sunny explained that she is driven by numbers and analytics. And so, her first reaction was to say no to the offer to be on reality TV show Bigg Boss, also because she did not want it to trigger more hate mail than she had already been receiving. She was finally convinced after her own research and a detailed powerpoint presentation she received from the show’s side.

She uses a similar approach to deal with hate she gets on her social media. “Let’s put this in perspective. A, they went to my page, they’re staring at me. B, they are looking at the photo or comment and thinking about what do they want to say. Then […] they start typing, so they’re still on my page. […] and then they hit the send button, so I go, thanks guys, you’re my greatest fans,” Sunny said.

Kareena asked Sunny about what she thinks is the one decision that women make, which is actually a mistake. The mother of three said that it’s when women start to lose parts of themselves in their attempts to conform too much to expectations. “[…] and that’s really hard because that [behaviour] doesn’t change until you’ve been with a few people that are, I guess, not the prince, just the frog,” Sunny said.  

Talking about her experience of having worked in Canada, USA as well as India, Sunny observed that Indians were not being given enough credit for being open minded. “I think that the media, the journalists, the TV shows and newspapers kind of make you want to conform to what they believe instead of what the entire country believes. Because if I wasn’t accepted […] then I wouldn’t still be here. They’re literally the ones keeping me here,” Sunny explained.  

Speaking on parenthood, Sunny revealed that she and her husband Daniel Weber decided to adopt when they were at St. Catherine’s Home, an orphanage in Mumbai. “We had been trying through surrogacy for years and it just wasn’t working,” Sunny said. It was there that the actor, who started out as an adult film star, asked Daniel why they don’t just adopt a baby girl. Daniel agreed.

Sunny and Daniel had adopted a girl who they named Nisha in July 2017, from Latur, a Maharashtra village. In March 2018, they announced the birth of their twins – Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber – through surrogacy.

Sunny also shared that Daniel was a hands-on father and that they share all responsibilities of parenthood. To that, Kareena laughed and said, “I definitely think Saif should meet him.”

Watch the full video here.

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