news Wednesday, July 08, 2015 - 05:30
On May 13, Ramya Venkat, bought her post-pregnancy related medicines as usual. One day, when she was about to consume the pills, she was horrified to a dead mosquito lodged in one capsule. Ramya who has an infant had been advised to take MA DHA capsules regularly during pregnancy and post-delivery as it provides additional nutrients to her body. A shocked Ramya wrote to manufacturers of the medicine - Nouveau Medicament Pvt. Ltd complaining of the poor quality of standards maintained by them. The company responded to her email stating that it looked like a “black particle” lodged in the capsule and wanted to send their executive to ascertain what it was. The next day, when they sales manager paid her a visit, he agreed that the “black particle” in the capsule was indeed a dead mosquito. He further offered her a box of the same medicine and assured her that it was safe to consume. While the response of the company was prompt, is that enough? Ramya is disappointed that the company thought offering another box of the same medicine was not the solution to the problem. “Such a compromise on quality standards by a medicine manufacturer is unacceptable,” she wrote in her Facebook post.    
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