Her neighbour Kunju Muhammed believes its disrespectful of a woman to ride a scooter in front of him.

Woman allegedly assaulted for riding a scooter in Malappuram of Kerala
news Crime Saturday, December 24, 2016 - 18:01

A woman has alleged that she has been facing physical assault by her neighbour and his son in Malappuram district of Kerala for riding a two-wheeler.

Rejina (28) who was working in a private firm, has allegedly been facing harassment for over a year by her neighbour Kunju Muhammed (60), since the time she bought a scooter. Rejina has now been admitted to the Malappuram Taluk Hospital after her legs were fractured. 

She alleges that over this period of time, she has been assaulted at least four times by Kunju Muhammed who claims that being a woman, she should not ride a scooter in front of him. 

This time, she has been admitted in hospital after she was physically assaulted by Kunju Muhammed’s son, Abdul Gafoor.

“Abdul Gafoor threatened and brutally assaulted me, asking me to withdraw the police complaint I filed against Muhammed. While I was riding the scooter, he blocked me, lifted me and dropped me down to the road...that is how I got the fractures,” she said, speaking to The News Minute.

Rejina says that she was admitted in hospital last July also following an assault by Kunju Muhammed. “In July, while I was riding my scooter, he hit me on my stomach and this happened after I'd undergone a surgery. I started bleeding and was admitted in hospital. Many other times also, Kunju Muhammed has attacked me, pulling my hair and dragging me down to the road while I was riding the scooter,” Rejina explains.

She alleges that in the beginning, he used to taunt her by saying that she doesn't respect him even though he is affluent and holds a high position in society while she belongs to a poor family.

“He was always warning me not to ride the scooter in front of him, because I am a woman and I should respect him. He assaulted me while I was learning to drive the vehicle,” Rejina said.

After he assaulted her a couple of times, Rejina filed a police complaint but that only led to Kunju Muhammed targeting her more. 

 â€śPrevious times, my complaint was sorted out in the police station and in the presence of a few local leaders. They always promise that it won't happen again but it does,” she alleges.

Rejina said that she should have the right to live peacefully, without fearing anyone. “He told me that all others in the area respect him so I should also respect him by not riding the vehicle... I don’t understand that. I am not fighting for gender equality, but at least I should have the right to live,” she said.

Rejina also said that now Kunju Muhammed’s family has offered her Rs 1 lakh to withdraw the case. “They also threatened me that they would send me to jail in some fake case if I don’t withdraw it,” she said.