Windows 10 Creators Update to be launched on April 11: Here’s everything you need to know

Microsoft’s browser Edge is being designed to be faster and safer than Chrome
Windows 10 Creators Update to be launched on April 11: Here’s everything you need to know
Windows 10 Creators Update to be launched on April 11: Here’s everything you need to know
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Microsoft has officially announced that its next update for Windows 10, the Windows 10 Creators Update will be made available to everyone around the world from April 11. It will be offered to all existing users of windows 10 and to all those who are buying new Windows-enabled devices. Microsoft has already revealed the benefits for users and all the new features that can be expected. Here’s what you can do with the updated OS on your PC and other devices.

Creativity being given a big push

According to Microsoft, “Windows 10 was designed to empower the creator in all of us.” Windows, therefore, tries to offer you the tools to freely express yourself in any which you way you desire.

You Can Make 3D Images on Your Screen with the new Paint 3D app included in the new Creators Update. The facility also enables you to convert a 2D picture into a 3D one. Microsoft is basically trying to cash in on the rapidly growing market for 3D. Paint is already quite popular with the Windows users and with these new features, the user can create a 3D image from scratch, add more colours to the image an even stamp on fresh textures.

Gamers are in for more fun

With this Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is going to make it easier to link the Xbox and the PC seamlessly, so that any game you have downloaded on either can be played without having to do anything further. Additionally, with the integration of Beam, users can live stream their gameplay or watch others’ screens; of the immersive games they are crazy about, linking through the gaming community.

Boosting the in-house browser – Edge

Microsoft hopes to improve the user experience with its browser in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge. The company believes that it has designed Microsoft Edge to be the best browser for Windows 10. People are choosing Microsoft Edge because it is safer and faster than Chrome, with better battery life. With all the dangerous security threats online today, Microsoft Edge blocks 9% more phishing sites and 13% more malware than Chrome – helping protect your identity and information; speed matters on the Web and according to Google’s own benchmarks, Microsoft Edge is faster than Chrome. And Microsoft claims there are other attractive features in Edge that will make the users choose the browser as the default one on their devices.

Apart from these two, there are many other improvements introduced in the new Windows 10 Creators update, particularly on the security front and also aspects like ‘night light’ and ‘mini view’. The latter allows you to do multi-tasking with a miniature window on the top playing music or a game while you are doing something else.

So hold your breath till April 11 and don’t miss any of the excitements that the new Windows 10 update has on offer. 

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