news Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 05:30
After member of the Union Cabinet Arun Jaitley gave an interview to NDTV’s Barkha Dutt on Tuesday, #ShameOnArunJaitley started trending on Twitter. Users of the social networking website criticised Jaitley, who holds three portfolios of Finance, Corporate Affairs and Information and Broadcasting, for appearing on the channel and not backing VK Singh’s view of the media.  The mainstream media has recently been under fire from users of social media with recent hashtags like #Presstitutes and #SupariJournalism trending after the VK Singh episode. Twitter users though, some of whom seem to be BJP supporters, wasted no time in condemning Jaitley for not defending VK Singh’s “Presstitute” comment used against the media.  Here are some of the tweets:  To summarize @arunjaitley interview I would say, when Big Daddy is away, the Mice will play ! #ShameOnArunJaitley — Vivek Sharma (@TheVivekSharma) April 15, 2015 @narendramodi Sir,we supported n voted 4 u inspite of d malign n hatred spread by #BazaruMedia #Presstitutes against u.#ShameOnArunJaitley — Vandana Daftari (@VandanaDaftari) April 15, 2015 #ShameOnArunJaitley Poor comment by Jaitley. Trying 2 curry favour with Presstitutes at Generals expense. — Purush Vichaar (@PurushVichaar) April 15, 2015 #ShameOnArunJaitley for calling @TwitterIndia and removing his name from Top Trends.Also trying to manipulate people with irrelevant issues — Ajit Doval Fans (@AjitDovalFans) April 15, 2015 Arun Jaitely failed in Semester exam and now only Rajat Sharma (as a external) can save him . #ShameOnArunJaitley — 0mar Abdullah (@abdullah_0mar) April 14, 2015 Arun Jaitley kept close eye on Delhi. Results were seen. He has eyes on Bihar too. #ShameOnArunJaitley #NoPappuYadav — Amit Shah Army (@AmitShahArmy) April 14, 2015 I think in a few more minutes ... #ShameOnArunJaitley will be the top trend... Makes no difference... @ArunJaitley doesnt have any... — MediaCrooks (@mediacrooks) April 14, 2015 #ShameOnArunJaitley" #ShameOnArunJaitley" #ShameOnArunJaitley" #ShameOnArunJaitley" #ShameOnArunJaitley" #ShameOnArunJaitley" — विनय झा (@vjha1524) April 14, 2015 Some, however, chose to look the other way. BJP supporters watching Arun Jaitley on NDTV #ShameOnArunJaitley — Ishant Sharma (@CrimeMasterV2) April 14, 2015 Modi Bhakts are spewing venom against @arunjaitley, trending #ShameOnArunJaitley. Genuine anger or Sponsored coup? — Truth Of Gujarat (@TruthOfGujarat) April 14, 2015 Bhakts Trending #ShameOnArunJaitley for giving an interview to NDTV. Haha....rofl. — Vinod Mehta (@DrunkVinodMehta) April 14, 2015