Flix Tuesday, May 19, 2015 - 05:30
A week remains in marking one year of the Modi government in power and while TV channels have been dissecting the achievements of the BJP government, but many on Twitter don’t seem to be too happy. #ModiInsultsIndia is currently trending on the micro-blogging website and the origin of the trend may have been an article in The Hindu after the PM had visited China. "Earlier, you felt ashamed of being born Indian," Modi reportedly said. "Now you feel proud to represent the country," the PM is quoted as saying by the newspaper during his visit to the Indian community in China. While there wasn’t much backlash to his statement in China, Twitter doesn’t seem to be in a forgiving mood. Here are a few tweets from the hashtag: Suprabhatam! Always proud to be Indian. Have a great day. — Rajdeep Sardesai (@sardesairajdeep) May 19, 2015 With due respect to PM & the NRIs in Seoul cheering him, I don't believe we were ever ashamed of being Indian at any time. Say if u disagree — Shekhar Gupta (@ShekharGupta) May 18, 2015 Modi: 1yr ago,Indians abroad celebrated our win. And sang, the bad days are gone. earlier you were ashamed,today you are proud of India — Suhasini Haidar (@suhasinih) May 16, 2015 PM repeats the "Indians were ashamed of being Indians' line at Seoul NRI meet, reference to BRICS is esp puzzling http://t.co/vzHNFy7xCo — Suhasini Haidar (@suhasinih) May 19, 2015 Speak for yourself Sir. Strictly Yourself. #ModiInsultsIndia — Anubhav Sinha (@anubhavsinha) May 19, 2015 Narendra Modi has insulted not only the 125 crore people of India, but our parents, grand-parents, freedom fighters. #ModiInsultsIndia — Sanjay Jha (@JhaSanjay) May 19, 2015 The first PM who openly admits that he is ashamed of being an Indian. Proud of Modiji. #ModiInsultsIndia — Scotchy Shashtri (@scotchism) May 19, 2015 After Modi's statement, Bhakts are busy deleting "Proud Indian" from their old tweets. #ModiInsultsIndia — Srivatsa (@srivatsayb) May 19, 2015 Calls himself a nationalist wearing GUCCI suit, BVLGARI glasses,LV shawl Calls himself a patriot feeling ashamed of India #ModiInsultsIndia — Arun Mysore (@arunmsk) May 19, 2015 I think we should trend. #ModiDontComeBack For #ModiInsultsIndia — Neil (@humanbeing2014) May 19, 2015 I am not ashamed of being Indian, Hon. Prime Minister. Not earlier. Not even now. Thank you for not representing me. #ModiInsultsIndia — subhorup dasgupta (@subho65) May 19, 2015 Not sure about anyone but RSS is surely ashamed of being Indian. Precisely why they didn't hoist Indian Flag until 2002. #ModiInsultsIndia — Gaurav Pandhi (@GauravPandhi) May 19, 2015 Imagine Juz Imagine if these Words were Uttered by Kejriwal .. Oooo Media would have gone Beserk #ModiInsultsIndia pic.twitter.com/7ny3Y8VdKr — Aarti (@aartic02) May 19, 2015 Ppl may dislike many things happening in India.Go abroad for better opportunities.But they're NOT ashamed of being Indian. #ModiInsultsIndia — Tinu Cherian Abraham (@tinucherian) May 19, 2015 Just talked to Brahma. He's not ashamed to have been born Indian either. #ModiInsultsIndia — God (@TheTweetOfGod) May 19, 2015 Some disagree and have mentioned that the newspaper has mis-quoted the Prime Minister All those who have functional ears and can understand Hindi and still think #ModiInsultsIndia please hear https://t.co/y1joa614Fc :D — Ra Ch Na (@raggedtag) May 19, 2015