news Friday, July 10, 2015 - 05:30
  While response to the much-hyped multi-lingual movie of the year Baahubali has been phenomenal on its opening day, producer of the Kannada film ‘RangiTaranga’ is unhappy with Baahubali's release in Bengaluru. The producer has written to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) complaining that multiplex owners had taken RangiTaranga off screens or reduced the slots despite the movie receiving good response. The movie starring actors Nirup Bhandari, Radhika Chetan and Avantika Shetty was released on July 3. Producer of the movie H K Prakash said that the movie had run full-house in both single screens and in multiplexes last weekend. On Thursday evening, Prakash claims that multiplexes had assured him that the number of slots allotted to the movie would be increased. However, on Friday morning he realised that the slots which were assured to him were replaced with Baahubali. A disappointed Prakash then approached KFCC Secretary Ba Ma Harish who in turn spoke to theatre owners and asked them to look into the issue. Talking to The News Minute, producer H K Prakash said, “The movie has received a very good response from the audience. Now multiplex owners have not only reduced the slots, but shifted it to morning slot which is inconvenient. Most of our audiences watch the movie in the evening after office hours.” He further said that the movie has made a collection of Rs 1 crore at the box office.