Writer Saradakutty takes to Facebook to support Parvathy after the actor faced vicious trolling for her comments on 'Kasaba'.

Why isnt Mammooty condemning his fans Support for Parvathy grows onlineParvathy/ Instagram
news Social Media Monday, December 18, 2017 - 19:14

It has been more than a week since Malayalam actor Parvathy called out the misogyny seen in films – using Mammootty’s Kasaba as a point of reference – and the vitriolic hatred social media trolls have unleashed on her continues unabated.

However, many people have come forward to support the actor as well, and the latest is writer and critic Saradakutty.

Taking to Facebook to vent her feelings, Saradakutty said that not only is Kasaba extremely sexist, but several Malayalam movies starring big stars like Mohanlal and Dileep are also misogynistic. 

"In comparison to the other films, Kasaba is the most downgraded and low-quality film. The list is endless – MeeshamadhavanAaram ThampuranThandavam, Devasuram ..." she wrote on Facebook. 

She added that Parvathy was at the receiving end of so much ire because she is a popular actor herself.

"These cyber goondas has [sic] always attacked every woman who stood up to speak her mind. There are women who support this domination by men," she wrote. 

Saradakutty added that Mammootty wasn’t the only actor to protect such trolls.

"It was Mammootty who acted in Kasaba. But Mohanlal, Dileep ... everyone does the same. We should speak not only against Mammootty, but also against many more like him. I am not just with Parvathy, but my support extends to all those women who had to face online abuse like Parvathy had to," she wrote in her post. 

After the online bullying Parvathy had to face, the hashtag #StandUpStars gained momentum on Twitter, with several users demanding that actors speak up against their fans attacking people on social media.

In a Facebook post, Gopinath Parayil, founder of the tourism organization The Blue Yonder said, "Enough has been said about what actor Parvathy’s observation was on the misogyny in Malayalam movies. If at all anyone had discounted her observation with real life vs. reel life angle as above, Mammooty’s fans have proved her so right. I am not shocked by the filthy, abusive rant and the rape culture of the so-called ‘aggrieved’ fans against Parvathy." 

Gopinath also wondered why the police and the government have been silent on the attack against Parvathy, or why the police had not taken cognisance of the vicious trolling.

"I am not shocked that the CPI-M or the LDF hasn’t come forward with a statement in support of her. I am not surprised that the party hasn’t compelled the superstar who’s a known Left-sympathiser to reach out to Parvathy either in public or in private. I am not surprised that enough people in the film industry as well as politics or media hasn’t come forward in support of Parvathy and to ask superstar to reign in his fans," he wrote. 

Gopinath also questioned why Mammootty has not yet issued a statement condemning his fans’ behaviour.

"I am very surprised that you are maintaining a silence. This silence is not dignified. This silence is scary for people like us. I hope this silence isn’t because your ego is bruised by an open stand took [sic] by Parvathy," he wrote. 

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