Aditya Sachdeva was shot dead allegedly by the son of a JD(U) MLC after the former overtook the latter's vehicle.

Why a Bengaluru blogger wants justice in Bihar road rage caseProtests over the death of Aditya Sachdeva in Gaya; PTI
news Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - 18:32

On the occasion of Mothers' Day on May 8, Bengaluru-based technology blogger Nishant Kumar (23) started an online petition seeking justice for a youth who was killed in an incident of road rage in Bihar recently. 

Aditya Sachdeva was shot dead allegedly by Rakesh Ranjan Yadav alias Rocky Yadav, son of JD(U) MLC Manorama Devi, on Saturday after the former overtook Rocky's vehicle. 

Rocky Yadav arrested in connection to the killing of Aditya Sachdeva being taken to court in Gaya on Tuesday; PTI Photo.


"We can't imagine the grief of Aditya's mother whose dear son was shot dead just because he overtook someone. I am writing this on the day of 'Mothers Day' with a heavy heart as no one can understand the agony of his parents or console them who lost their beloved son," Nishant wrote on the petition. 

The petition on, addressed to JD (U) supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and Deputy CM Tejaswi Yadav, has been shared over 50,000 times at the time of writing this piece. 

"I felt it is something that could have happened to anyone. It could have been my brother. My cousin is of the same age as Aditya was," says Nishant on why he started the petition. 

In a way he also felt strongly about the incident because he too hails from Bihar, but has been living in Bengaluru for the last two years. 

"If I was in Bihar, I could have met Aditya's family. I also thought there would be lots of people who wanted to offer condolences or show support to Aditya and his family. The petition gave them a platform to do so," he says. 

"This incident shows how people get blinded by power and money and they think of common people as nothing. I am not sure if this petition will bring change or not because law and order in India is deeply controlled by highly corrupted politicians like Rocky's parents but I am definitely sure that they will leave no stone unturned to prove that their son is innocent," Nishanth had written when he started the petition. 

Since then, Rocky, who initially had been absconding, was arrested on Monday and sent to 14-days judicial custody. 

Rocky's father Bindeshwari Prasad Yadav alias Bindi Yadav, known in the area for his muscle and money power, and Manorama Devi's bodyguard Rajesh Kumar were also arrested on Sunday for allegedly helping the accused escape.

People gather in front of Manorama Devi's house as officials seal the house, in Gaya on Wednesday; PTI Photo


Meanwhile, Manorama Devi too has reportedly gone into hiding. This comes following an arrest warrant that was issued against her after liquor bottles were found at here Gaya residence. She had also been suspended by her party for six years. 

Nishant's petition is however yet from over. It now wants the "Bihar government to set a fast-track court with the certain time-frame and make this case an example, so that criminal minded person like Rocky Yadav will understand the fear of the law. Persons like Rocky Yadav needs to understand that common public is not totally valueless."

"While what Rocky did is the worst kind of crime, it also shows his upbringing. He is an uncivilized person," adds Nishant adding he is thankful to all people who extended their support to the cause. 

Read the petition here.

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