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The News Minute | July 31, 2014 | 2.49 pm IST Turkish women are falling over themselves laughing all over the place – in their houses, with their friends, with their partners by their sides, even an old couple closing their eyes in merriment.  Some one with a sense of humour even posted the photo of a cat captioned: “This cat is Turkish. And female…” The cat looks as if its winking and laughing. What provoked this laughter is the strangest thing ever; it was actually anger. Women and men in Turkey are outraged at an official in their government. Because he said that women preserve their decency by not laughing loudly in front of the whole world. #direnkahkaha !!👊✌ Kahkaha guzellige güzellik katarr ☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😉 pic.twitter.com/88r2j5K959 — Ezgi Yalçın (@YalcEzgi) July 28, 2014 Two days ago, The Guardian reported Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc of the ruling Justice and Devlopment Party (AKP) saying: "A man should be moral but women should be moral as well, they should know what is decent and what is not decent.She should not laugh loudly in front of all the world and should preserve her decency at all times.” Çok geri kafalisin, keÅŸke ölsen. ay ne güzel de gülmüştüm, hadi bi kahkaha atalım ayolll #atbikahkaha #direnkahkaha pic.twitter.com/9nZkBj5ahS — Deniz Özbayrak (@Denozbayrak) July 28, 2014 He made these remarks in a speech on Monday, in the western Bursa region for the Bayram holiday at the end of the month of Ramadan. D.Özlem Bilgili yazdı: #direnkahkaha http://t.co/qvSKyqW112 pic.twitter.com/kNFUFWWKF8 — Toplumsol (@ToplumsolDergi) July 28, 2014 Since then, women in Turkey have been literally laughing in front of the world – posting photos including selfies to express their anger and indignation at being told how to behave by their country’s second most important leader. Women and men from across the world have joined in. Gülmek Devrimci Bir Eylemdir :D @sila_ay_ @ezgikardaslar @AdnanTetikol #direnkahkaha pic.twitter.com/5g7980UcVg — buket koÅŸar (@bukettkosar) July 28, 2014 Hashtagging the photographs #kahkaha (laughter in Turkish) and also #direnkahkaha (resist laughter) and #direnkadin (resist woman), Turkish people have been posting their images on Twitter, Channel 4 reported. gecen kankamla bi cezbedariz #direnkahkaha pic.twitter.com/gTFU4yIrc7 — Mehtap Erel (@mehtaperel) July 28, 2014 Smiling and laughing turkish women! My italian smile clown for you #kahkaha #direnkahkaha pic.twitter.com/JqWOD8wmTB — Luisa★Romano (@luise_st) July 30, 2014
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