Whoa! Sci-fi inspired designs for Andhra Assembly in Amaravati leaves everyone stunned

The designs received mixed reactions from the public, many called it an unnecessary expenditure, others approved it.
Whoa! Sci-fi inspired designs for Andhra Assembly in Amaravati leaves everyone stunned
Whoa! Sci-fi inspired designs for Andhra Assembly in Amaravati leaves everyone stunned
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The Facebook page of the ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in Andhra Pradesh has released 13 designs for the new AP Assembly building, to be constructed in the state's upcoming capital of Amaravati.

The designs look like they've come straight out of a science fiction film, and were submitted last month by British architectural firm Norman Foster and Partners.

"These are the Proposed 'AP Assembly' Designs at Amaravati. Your Feedback is solicited - Please indicate your choice of the design in comments section," the TDP said on its Facebook page.

While the designs received mixed reactions from the public, many pointed out that it was an unnecessary expenditure from the taxpayer's money.

"Go with the option that costs less. I don't understand why we are spending so much on exterior designs. First have one building, and we can get the exterior decorations done when our state has surplus funds. If we have enough funds to build these kind of marvelous structures, please transfer those funds to improve infrastructure across the state. If possible, build government schools and hospitals like this building," one user, Vinay Pyda, wrote.

"Are you guys building a space center? The House for 300 members doesn't need this type of architecture. Instead of spending on these things, build a world class university with trained professionals. Don't waste our money on these things," another user criticised.

But others came to the Chief Minister’s defence.

"Capital is not like any other building. It should replicate the state's range for another 100 years. So, it's not like constructing roads and other buildings. After losing a capital like Hyderabad, this is the least that can be done. What Chandrababu Naidu is doing is absolutely right," one user wrote.

"This kind of INFRASTRUCTURE defines our assembly level and how much better we can built. This is a concept of Dream Big n Build Big," a user said.

Several users also pointed out that the designs seemed heavily influenced by western architecture, rather than Indian architecture, when Naidu himself had said, "If I want Persian, European and Asian architecture I will rather go visit them. But at my home and workplace, I want a representation of our history, folklore and mythology.”

"Please consider Indian culture for better designs," Srinivas Reddy Buddareddygari wrote.

"These are all very good designs to see, but these designs don't reflect our Telugu culture or our traditional Indian culture...I request our selection committee to please keep Telugu/Dravidian/Indian culture in mind, and design the Assembly," another user stated.

Last month, Naidu also faced criticism for consulting film director SS Rajamouli for architectural designs of the buildings proposed to come up in Amaravati.

Rajamouli is the director of the two-part Baahubali series, which is based in the fictitious kingdom of 'Mahishmathi.'

While some questioned if it was relevant to seek inspiration for a twenty-first century, modern capital city from mythical imaginations of the past, others dubbed it an unscientific and irrational approach to city planning and architecture.

Find the 13 designs released by the TDP, below.

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