news Friday, June 19, 2015 - 05:30
  Call it loyalty, sycophancy or in politer terms, dedication to the party, the extent to which party loyalists or cadres are ready to go to for Jayalalithaa has no bounds. But how much is too much when it comes to fawning over your leader? In Chennai’s RK Nagar constituency as campaigning goes on in full form for the upcoming June 27 elections, the AIADMK has been going all out in displaying its might in the face of almost no opposition. AIADMK is the only recognised state party with the rest forming independent candidates and unrecognised parties. A 40-member group belonging to the AIADMK has been appointed which has been overseeing campaigning in the RK Nagar area.  A picture usually speaks for itself.   He’s not just any party member, but the Minister for Transport, V. Senthil Balaji from Karur constituency  A picture widely shared on social media, the lights for the night especially add a spectacular touch to the whole look. So far, one of the few eyebrow-raising incidents seen recently has been of the high-profile swearing-in ceremony of Jayalalithaa in May where 28 ministers of the Tamil Nadu government together in chorus were sworn in two batches, while their leader watched on. Another sight imprinted in memory is the look of relief and a rare smile by O Panneerselvam after his resignation and following Jayalalithaa’s return as Chief Minister. That would probably have been one of the few times a CM looked relieved after stepping down from his post. These acts are not going unnoticed by the general public, but whether Jayalalithaa herself has been paying heed to these acts is another story.