news Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 05:30
The entire furore surrounding the Maggi ban has seemed to help one poultry product in Bengaluru. Eggs. According to a report in Bangalore Mirror, the demand for eggs in the local market has surpassed supply. And the price of a single egg, which was Rs 3 a few weeks ago, has risen by 67% and has now touched Rs 5. The report mentions that the price of an egg in the wholesale market is Rs 4.30. M C R Shetty, president of Karnataka Hatcheries Association, told the newspaper that “There could be a clear relationship: Maggi's loss is the egg's gain. Recently when beef was banned in Maharashtra, chicken prices saw a hike.” He mentions a “shift in patterns” of consumption which lead a certain food “gaining at the cost of others.” K Giridhar, the business manager of National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC), and All India Poultry Development Council, is quoted saying that “It certainly has some impact. We say two-minute eggs and they say two-minute Maggi. He says that it would be incorrect to assume that all those consuming Maggi had shifted to eggs, “But to a certain extent it is true. There is no ban on Maggi in Karnataka.”