As you watch Jyotika as the fiery lawyer in 'Ponmagal Vandhal' on Amazon Prime Video, take a walk down memory lane and see how you relate to some of her iconic characters.

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Monday, June 01, 2020 - 15:27

Jyotika’s characters have dominated Tamil cinema, thanks to her uniquely expressive eyes and impressive acting chops. Her acting range has allowed her to take on a variety of characters, giving audiences a chance to relate in different ways.

Which imaginative dreamer with a penchant for scary stories didn’t connect to her chilling performance as Ganga in Chandramukhi? Can we ever forget Jenny in Kushi, the bubbly woman who gave us joy and warmth? If you’re the agony aunt of your friend group - an old soul who knows yourself better than most - you’d relate to her as Maya in Kaakha Kaakha. And as Geetha in Pachaikili Muthucharam, every self-proclaimed Slytherin with a sinister side could connect with her enticing villainous side.