The wedding shoot's theme was to bring back the spirit of Onam that was subdued due to floods this year.

When Maveli met Santa Kerala bride turns into Santa for her Save the Date videoAll pictures by Tuesday Lights
news Wedding Tuesday, December 25, 2018 - 19:48

This Christmas, Kerala witnessed a rather quirky pair. Santa Claus and Mahabali decided to pose together for a fun photoshoot -- no, this is not some crossover film! A bride decided to dress up as Santa and pose on the streets of the city with Mahabali. 

Ancy Francis, 24, and her fiancé Arjun, who are all set to wed on January 9, knew that they wanted to do something creative for their wedding, but couldn't quite put a finger on it.

"I was open to any idea that was creative," Ancy told TNM.

So the couple approached Kottayam based Tuesday Lights, a wedding photo and videography company, who suggested an interesting subject for their 'Save the Date' video. The theme of the video was interesting as their videographer Arjun Thomas decided to rope in not just Santa, but also King Maveli - the royal mascot for Onam- which is the biggest festival in Kerala.

"This year Kerala did not celebrate Onam wholeheartedly due to floods. Many people felt that Maveli never visited the state as it was flooded. It was a gloomy season and there was no festive joy. So my story involves Santa writing a letter to Maveli asking him to join him for Christmas as he could not visit during Onam," Arjun tells TNM.

The photoshoot, set in Kottayam town, begins with Santa waiting for Maveli at the KSRTC bus stand. They then travel to several other prominent locations in the town, captured beautifully in the shoot. Featuring the bride as Santa and a crew member from Arjun's team as Maveli, the photos and video gained considerable traction on social media.

The video ends with Santa presenting a gift to Maveli - an invite to a wedding on January 9. Santa then removes her mask and the bride is revealed. In the end, the bride Ancy, her fiance Arjun and Maveli pose for a happy selfie.  

The bride and groom also did a photoshoot as batman and batgirl later.

Here are some of the pics that are going viral: 

Santa welcomes Mahabali, who is arriving from Pathalam, at the KSRTC bus stand in Kottayam. 
Santa and Mahabali pose in front of the Kottayam Railway station.
Santa poses with Mahabali as the latter sits on a truck filled with sacks.
Santa and Mahabali in front of a Shiva temple in Kottayam. 
Santa takes a peek at the newspaper Mahabali is reading. 
Santa and Mahabali pose in front of a tea shop. 
Santa and Mahabali at the bus stand. 
Mahabali checking the bananas at an open market while Santa watches. 
Mahabli watces as Santa presents a gift.
Mahabali receives Santa's wedding invite and Santa reveleas herself as the bride. 
Santa aka Ancy Francis (the bride) with her fiancé Arjun pose for a cute photo. 

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