When lions hunted an antelope on a busy South African road

When lions hunted an antelope on a busy South African road
When lions hunted an antelope on a busy South African road
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Visitors at South Africa's Kruger National Park were in for a rare sight as two lions hunted down an antelope just inches away from their cars.

Carolyn Dunford, 23, from Romsey, England, took the incredible photos of the big cats carrying on with their usual job amid busy traffic while working as a wildlife researcher in South Africa.

Two big cats were clicked pacing along a road in South Africa's Kruger National Park -- a large wildlife reserve in South Africa, home to lions, leopards, kudu antelopes, elephants, African buffaloes and black rhinoceros -- when a kudu antelope emerged from the bushes, the Daily Star reported.

Drivers on the route were forced to a standstill and watch the predators in an unexpected display of their hunting prowess. As the kudu slipped on the tarmac surface, one of the lions pounced on its back. The second lion went straight for the animal's throat, quickly killing it

"They were walking along the road marking their territory – leaving scent marks on the bushes and rubbing their faces against trees. A couple of minutes passed when a big kudu bull appeared from the bushes. One of the cats immediately went into the typical hunting stance, focussing on his prey. The other lion didn’t seem that interested, he just watched.

The kudu sprung from his hiding place in the bushes and ran out into the road. The lions chased it straight into a backlog of cars. The kudu slipped in the road and was still trying to gain footing on the tar when one lion grabbed it from behind. The other lion grabbed its throat and then there was no escape. The kudu died quickly and there was little struggle once both lions had it." Dunford wrote.

"I started turning my car to be able to follow them. One of the lions spotted the kudu in the bush and as a biologist I recognised this hunting stance, so took photos of it," she added.

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Dunford said she was amazed by the power and team work the lions showed. "An encounter like this is an amazing thing to see. It was a real privilege to see this hunt up close. The kudu was no match for these amazing predators."

Earlier this month, tourists caught incredible snaps of the moment when a British safari tour guide was mauled by a leopard in the Kruger National Park.


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