When an “ISIS flag” at a gay parade turned out to be something else

When an “ISIS flag” at a gay parade turned out to be something else
When an “ISIS flag” at a gay parade turned out to be something else
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(An original ISIS flag)
When CNN’s correspondent spotted an oddly-dressed man ( odd for the occasion) at a gay pride parade in London carrying a flag which to her was a clear attempt to mimic an ISIS flag, she was no doubt alarmed.
Considering that no one else had noticed the man dressed in black and white carrying the odd flag, she not only consulted the police , but also went on air with the “worrisome” discovery.
Calling her discovery 'an ISIS flag among a sea of rainbow colors' she then went on to say that though the writing on the flag wasn't Arabic, it was quite distinctively the ISIS flag. 
"If you look at the flag closely it's clearly not Arabic, in fact it looks like it could be gobbledygook, but it's very distinctive the Isis flag." she said.
But then, on closer look the flag turned out to represent something completely different.
What was it? The flag turned out to be an endorsement of a variety of sex toys.
Though CNN themselves have taken the official video off air, here's what other media feel about the goofup:
“If you follow the reporter's advice and do indeed look at the flag closely you'll see that it's not Arabic, nor gobbledygook, but, um, butt plugs.” reported i100
According to NYMAG, "...since nobody at CNN looked closely enough to notice that, they not only ran Pawle's report and photos of the sex-toy flag, but even brought on CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen to gravely analyze the development. He then highlighted how it was 'a very strange place to be showing an ISIS flag,' since ISIS hates gays so much"

What’s more towards the end of the segment, they also announced that the discovery of the flag could indicate a possibility of ISIS’s next potential Western target, reported nymag.

Huffington Post kept it short and sweet – “They got one thing right -- that's definitely not Arabic.”
“Gobbledygook? Yes. Sure thing, you innocent little creature,” reported Buzzfeed in its own inimitable style.
Looks like the entire team sitting at CNN’s office needs a little in-depth lesson in sex education. 
Here's the video: 

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