When Children of God are abused

When Children of God are abused
When Children of God are abused
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The News Minute | February 8, 2015 | 02:59 pm IST 

Delhi-based artist Rajkamal Aich's series of drawings titled Children of God delivers a powerful statement on one of the most burning issues in the country today- child abuse. 

In India, Shah Rukh Khan and God are perhaps the only people with a massive following, Aich says mockingly.

"We say God resides in children. And yet every day children are getting abused and exploited", he asserts. He feels, the government is also callous in its approach towards controlling the situation.

Pointing out to the irony of the situation, he says, "Children are the future of our country and we need to ensure they are protected. If we truly believe God resides in children, then we should do everything to protect them". 

The artist believes that India needs stricter laws to deal with child abuse. 

This is what made Aich start the Children of God series. In a string of illustrations depicting Gods as children, Aich tells the tale of what many children in our country face today. 

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