Aziz, we are not amused.

When Aziz Ansari came to India went to Kerala and attempted TamilWikimedia Commons
news Entertainment Thursday, March 03, 2016 - 19:50

Indian American actor Aziz Ansari traveled to Trivandrum in search of his roots —despite his roots being traced to Tirunelveli and Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu.

In a video by The New York Times, he’s in Trivandrum, but he tries to converse in Tamil (leaving us wondering if he thinks Tamil is the local language here). Stopping over for some coconut water, he asks the seller if he knows Tamil, who looks at him quizzically. He’s seemingly self-assured that Tamil is the local language there, and when he realizes it is not being well received, he thinks it is because his Tamil isn't good enough. Right to blame himself, wrong reason.

You do have to give him some credit for his Tamil. In an auto, he drops some Tamil words. White America would be digging it, but we are not amused. So, we'd still warn him, and warn you, before you watch this video below.