WhatsApp beta testing new feature that alerts you of ‘dangerous messages’

WhatsApp new suspicious link feature will automatically check the authenticity of the website links being shared.
WhatsApp beta testing new feature that alerts you of ‘dangerous messages’
WhatsApp beta testing new feature that alerts you of ‘dangerous messages’
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WhatsApp has been at the centre of many controversies, particularly in India following reports of lynching incidents after fake messages were spread through WhatsApp. When the issue went beyond control, the Indian government woke up and asked WhatsApp to do something about it. And WhatsApp has since taken some steps. As per a Gadgets Now report, Messages found to be suspicious in nature will carry a warning when it is delivered giving the recipient of the message the opportunity to verify before forwarding it or taking it to be true.

This tool is being tried now and if found effective, it will be shared with the users. Going ahead, the instant messaging app is also keen to add a feature where the authenticity of website links being forwarded through messages is reliable or not. If the link looks dubious there will be a ‘Suspicious Link’ message added to it. This warning message is marked in red to distinguish and highlight. This will be done when WhatsApp suspects the link to be either a fake one with the objective of ‘phishing’ or it is simply spam and should be ignored. This could help in averting any malware being downloaded on the device that you are using your WhatsApp messaging app on.

To those interested in knowing more details, the above features have been located on the WhatsApp version 2.18.204 and it is still in beta status.

Apart from this feature, the other steps initiated by WhatsApp include permitting blocking of unknown contacts. If the person identifies and you wish to add to your contacts that is also feasible.  In the case of WhatsApp groups also there are changes being brought about to ensure some of the anomalies. The Group Admin’s powers are also being altered either ways, giving more powers and diluting some. Lastly, there is the feature where if you received a WhatsApp message, you can find out if it was sent by the sender or forwarded from someone else. There will be a ‘Forwarded’ label on it.

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