news Wednesday, February 18, 2015 - 05:30
The News Minute | February 19, 2015 | 01.20 pm IST Hashtags in Indian languages have been around for a long time. However, days after Jaihind(in hindi) made it as the first Hindi hashtag to trend on Twitter after the high -tension India-Pakistan World Cup 2015 cricket match, another hashtag this time in Tamil found its way to the top of trends. The #தமிழ்வாழ்க hashtag (Tamil Vazhaga) started trending with Tamil lovers picking up the trend on the social media site.  Even though Indians have been tweeting in local languages for a long time now, the hashtag option for native scripts was recognised on a large scale only after the cricket watch . Twitter had earlier updated its features to allow hashtags in a number of indian languages other than Hindi and Tamil. Politician M Karunanidhi , well-known for his Tamil poetry, wrote some beautiful lines which roughly translates to - Even if the enemy wants to drink your blood, it is a Tamilian's duty to treat them with respect and honour.  Tamil Vazhaga ! உயிரையே குடிக்க வந்த எதிரியே ஆயினும் உரிய மரியாதை அளிப்பதுதான் இந்த (தமிழ்) மண்ணுக்கே சொந்தமான பண்பாடு.#தமிழ்வாழ்க — KalaignarKarunanidhi (@kalaignar89) February 17, 2015 many Twitters ask What is this Top trend #தமிழ்வாழ்க? Dear friends We Tamils we just hails our mother Tongue literally means-Long Live Tamil — அட ஆச்சரியக்குறி (@tamilFacts) February 18, 2015 Wah re Wah! A non-English hashtag trending on Twitter India! Impressed. #தமிழ்வாழ்க — Anahita Mukherji (@Newspaperwalli) February 18, 2015 :) .@TFU_Kannan Happy & proud to see our Tamil, one of the oldest languages trending on top in India! #தமிழ்வாழ்க :) — Raheel Khursheed (@Raheelk) February 18, 2015 After Seeing So Many Stupid Hashtags (Movie, Fan Fights) Trending at the Top, so Happy to See #தமிழ்வாழ்க Trending at the No.1 Position :) — Ashok (@AshokRaghavan) February 18, 2015
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