news Sunday, April 12, 2015 - 05:30
As the caste survey began in the state in Karnataka, various organizations have reached out taken to holding press conferences and issuing statements to community members to state the “correct” caste name or status. Here’s a short list of who’s saying what, and what happens if you've had an inter-caste marriage or if you do not want to reveal your caste. Jaibheem Samajika Parivarthana Vedike (Jaibheem Social Transformation Forum) The Balagai group of Scheduled Castes comprise 52 sub-castes and have so far been officially recognized as the Adi Karnataka caste. The organization has asked the members of each sub-caste such as Balagai, Mahar (Marathi-speakking), Paraya (Tamil-speaking), Maala (Telugu-speaking), to specify the name of their sub-caste. The reason for this is that members of the Edagai community also specify their caste as Adi Karnataka, therefore the government does not have reliable information about the Balagai castes, the organization said. However, the organization’s president further clarified that while obtaining caste certificates, the certificate should be obtained under the name Adi Karnataka or Adi Dravida. (The word Adi is pronounced as Aadi, but it is the commonly used spelling. All other caste names have been spelled according to pronunciation) An advertisement placed by the group in Kannada daily Prajavani Vishwakarma Mahasabha Members of the community have been asked to specify the caste name as Vishwakarma as the community has been deprived of government benefits in education and other fields. The organization has asked people to specify Shilpa, Kammara, Badigera, Akkasali, Sonaara, Patthara etc as “occupation”. Akhila Bharata Kammavari Seva Sangha Samiti Members of the sub-castes of the Kamma community have been requested only to use the name Kamma and not their individual sub-castes which include Naidu, Kammavaru, Choudhury, Kammanaika. The Akhila Karnataka Helava Samaja, the Namadhari Nagartha Jananga Kalyana Sangha and the Korama Korachara Mahasangha  have asked their communities to specify their caste names as Helava, Namadhari Nagartha and Korama or Koracha respectively. Manava Mantapa If the other associations have been focusing on the minutest details of their castes, this group has asked for the opposite. Nataraj Huliyar, the head of the group, has asked people who may have had inter-caste or inter-faith marriages to record themselves as such without fail.  No Caste The government has said that if people were unwilling to divulge their caste the enumerators would attempt to explain to them the purpose of obtaining this information. Despite this, if a person has not changed her / his mind, the enumerator will record that the person has chosen not to reveal the information.
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